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about 4 hours ago

RT @kvnmcl: Roehampton University Festival of Computing will take place 17th June 2016. Help to spread the word!

Feb 09, 16

Learning theories mapped out in a big diagram. Useful for a teacher?

Feb 09, 16

Fantastic insight into teenage use of snapchat via @wiobyrne #nsfw

Feb 08, 16

RT @mrkrndvs: @dajbelshaw @daibarnes passed the magical first ten regards subscribers for my monthly newsletter #wi…

Feb 08, 16

RT @safeinternetday: Find how you can #playyourpart for a better internet TOMORROW in our #SID2016 infographic. @bik_eu article : https://t…

Feb 06, 16 A guide to setting up your own blogging domain shared by @wiobyrne in his newsletter.

Feb 01, 16

It Takes a Newsletter CC @SteveBrophy3 @Obi_Jon_ @annadelconte @anthsperanza @epilepticrabbit @daibarnes @corisel
– Aaron Davis (mrkrndvs)

Feb 01, 16

Digital Leader report on their trip to #bett2016 for @oundleschool #DLchat

Jan 31, 16

Resources for Maker Education @ashtcronin @RobCunniffe is there anything we could learn from here?

Jan 30, 16

A Father, a Dying Son, and the Quest to Make the Most Profound Videogame Ever via @WIRED

Jan 26, 16

@daibarnes this lady is good, depends what you want to learn though!
– Lucy (ITedugeekgirl)

Jan 22, 16

RT @KSWDirecStudies: All #edtech folk should subscribe to TIDE podcast with @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes.…
All #edtech folk should subscribe to TIDE podcast with @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes.
– Russ Baum (KSWDirecStudies)
RT @dajbelshaw: Does the thought of listening to @daibarnes & me witter on about #edtech for an hour fill you with joy? Then try...

RT @dajbelshaw: Just recorded epic episode of #TIDE podcast with @daibarnes entitled 'Backchannels of the Mind'. Available Tuesday: http://…
What's the appropriate fanboy response to a mention in a podcast, @daibarnes? Squee? Caught up with :-)
– Ian Harcombe (MrHarcombe)
@tombennett71 @dajbelshaw & I will discuss the foolish headlines & your article on #TIDE podcast published on Tue:
RT @dajbelshaw: That @daibarnes & I just recorded #TIDE Episode 22, which will go out on Tuesday. Subscribe: http://…
Just subscribed to @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes's TIDE podcast. #education #edtech
– Stefan Bohacek (fourtonfish)
Just finished recording Today In Digital Education with @dajbelshaw Ep23. Felt good. Published Tuesday on #TIDE
Listening to @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes on TIDE: They're talking about @openorgbook :D
– Laura Hilliger (epilepticrabbit)
Today In Digital Education podcast - Ep 24 Submersive Smartphones - FBK: or subscribe: #TIDE
I'm guesting on the Today In Digital Education (TIDE) podcast this week as @daibarnes is away. Out tomorrow...
– Oliver Quinlan (oliverquinlan)
Chuffed to hear @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw mention my post again on #TIDE podcast. You should definitely subscribe!
– Tim Klapdor (timklapdor)

Jan 22, 16

Chuffed to hear @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw mention my post again on #TIDE podcast. You should definitely subscribe!

Jan 21, 16

The School's Digital Leaders joined the crowds at #bett2016 today to learn about the latest in #edtech
– oundle school (oundleschool)

Jan 20, 16

Digital Leaders from @oundleschool at BETT 2016.

Jan 20, 16

Pixie. Learning to program.

Jan 20, 16

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Reading this at the moment. Links with many of the ideas in the original blog post.
– Nick Dennis (nickdennis)

Jan 19, 16

"Participatory BETT" Today In Digital Education podcast ep.35 for your ears and thoughts with me & @dajbelshaw

Jan 19, 16

Satisfyingly reached the end of my notebook. #moleskine

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