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Aug 26, 15

How Wolves Change Rivers - a trophic cascade - the best thing I'll watch today.

Aug 26, 15

NY Times: the paid trolls have made it impossible for the normal Internet user to separate truth from fiction.

Aug 25, 15

Really interesting... Teachers competencies - Mushra and Koehler, 2006 @daibarnes @thingsbehindsun
– Philip Pitcher (Pitchyp1991)

Aug 25, 15

@Pitchyp1991 @thingsbehindsun happy to chat about TPACK when you're back.

Aug 24, 15

New shelf for standing desks just been finished in my classroom. @ Oundle…

Aug 22, 15

Insightful post about how not to, and then vice versa, get girls coding - TY @oliverquinlan newsletter.

Aug 21, 15

This is a great talk by @audreywatters - thoroughly recommend watching.

Aug 14, 15

RT @oliverquinlan: I just installed Privacy Badger, a new tool from EFF to stop companies from spying on your browsing habits - https://t.c…

Aug 12, 15 A lovely post in many ways by @jameswilding Principal of @clairescourt

Aug 09, 15

@robhav @daibarnes it strikes me the research this is based on is dodgy. Conclusions are unreliable at best
– José Picardo (josepicardoSHS)

Aug 09, 15 Impact of banning mobiles in school is positive for less able pupils in US and UK.

Aug 04, 15

My old mucker Ben wrote this intimate boy to man football fan blogpost: The kid who would be Cruyff via @CCC_London

Aug 01, 15

TIDES in on another grt episode @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw -> hear u in Sept
– Aaron Davis (mrkrndvs)
TIDES in on another grt episode @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw -> hear u in Sept

Aug 01, 15

@oliverquinlan it wasn't from the web Ol. Friends at different times. So I searched *modern wheat* and found this

Jul 31, 15

Seems I have a thunderbug infestation. Hmm. What do I do about that?

Jul 31, 15

I just backed #FreeYourFeet with the world's most minimalist footwear, FYF on @Kickstarter

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