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Christopher Sessums

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Sep 23, 16

A look at the artificial intelligence and messaging platforms behind the fast-growing chatbot community

Sep 21, 16

Required competencies for each degree program are defined in collaboration with external program
councils, ensuring that students graduate with the knowledge and skills employers need. Designed for adult
learners, competency-based education lets students move quickly through material they already know so
they can focus on what they still need to learn. Competency-based learning dramatically shortens the time
to graduations — the average time to complete a bachelor’s degree is 29 months.

Sep 21, 16

In 1990, no more than 50,000 students were enrolled in CBE programs. In 2013, nearly 200,000 students were enrolled, with widespread efforts to attract new audiences through innovative and creative new delivery formats. Most enrollments are concentrated among colleges with numerous CBE programs, such as Capella University, Excelsior College, and Western Governors University (WGU). Enrollments are also picking up speed through standalone programs at colleges ranging from Northern Arizona University and Westminster College (UT) to various community colleges (many of which work in partnership with WGU) and smaller niche programs, such as the University of Michigan’s recently launched graduate degree in health professions education.

Sep 21, 16

all but the most elite universities face diminished student demand and increased price sensitivity.

Sep 21, 16

“There are fewer students out there. Of those students, fewer are attending colleges and universities. And it’s costing us more to get them in terms of financial aid,”

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