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Carsten Pötter

Carsten Pötter's Public Library

Apr 15, 15

To effectively manage our email, we have to accept a few basic truths. They’re hard truths, but that only makes them even more valuable. Here they are: What’s important to other people is not (as) important to you. You are inherently lazy and egocen…

Apr 06, 15

"Die Grundannahme des Akzelerationismus ist, dass es im allgemeinen Diskurs eine unheilvolle Gleichung gibt, die leider auch die linke politische Theorie allzu oft teilt. Sie lautet: Kapitalismus = Moderne = Fortschritt = Beschleunigung. Wenn man di…

Mar 30, 15

"This new test will probably be more sensitive, because it detects tumor-induced changes directly and not merely blood in the stools. An additional benefit is that this process takes place at a point when the tumor is forming, the earliest stage of …

Mar 14, 15

Fans have now given artists $100 million USD through Bandcamp. Fans give artists $3.5 million every month on the site, and buy more than 16,000 records a day, which works out to about one every five seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mar 13, 15

The Wolfram Data Drop is an open service that makes it easy to accumulate data of any kind, from anywhere—setting it up for immediate computation, visualization, analysis, querying, or other operations. Interessant, lest Euch mal die Seite durch. (v…

Mar 12, 15

Let’s start with the most difficult thing about designing in the enterprise space: in most cases, the people who buy the software and the people who use the software are completely different, and therefore have completely different needs. This is no…

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