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28 Mar 14

A $1 million teacher prize and other important announcements from the Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai. Nominate a teacher today (and see a panel on education technology.

10 Mar 14

This game scores a 19 out of 30 and is a fantastic way to teach students to find the equation of the line slope intercept form. It is highly rated by students and educators. Look at the review to see if it fits your classroom. The game is browser based.

06 Mar 14

Successful TED talks are 60% stories but, as this example shows with Sheryl Sandberg, it can mean being vulnerable and sharing the personal side of yourself.

  • stories make up at least 65% of the content of the most successful TED presentations.
  • Most leaders who make pitches and presentations take the opposite approach, filling their content with mind-numbing and unemotional statistics and data. But as another popular TED speaker, Brené Brown, has noted, “Stories are just data with a soul.”
  • Science has also shown that stories connect us in extraordinary ways. Researchers at Princeton University have found that a remarkable thing happens to your mind when you hear a story. Personal stories actually cause the brains of both storyteller and listener to exhibit what the researchers call “brain to brain coupling.” To put it simply, telling personal stories will put you in sync with your listener.
05 Mar 14

Deviant Art Galler of Rainmeter skins for those of you who want to use the app.

05 Mar 14

Hee's a flickr group for showing off rainmeter configurations for the desktop. Some great ideas for how desktops should be( and perhaps where they are headed.)

05 Mar 14

The desktops of the Lifehacker team and others and how they design their desktop. Click the "rainmeter" tab to see how they use rainmeter, for example. Some cool ideas here for designing desktops.

05 Mar 14

One of my students, Z, brought this application desktop customizer to me for his geniushour project. A very cool way to customize a Windows Computer XP-8. Interesting.

27 Feb 14

Use this plug in to get an idea of who people are who have mailed you. If you get solitications and other things from people and want to try to figure out if they are legitimate or just a spammer, you can use this tool. I've fund that such tools (like Rapportive) can slow things down. This tool works on the web too, which may help for research or when you're blogging about someone.

25 Feb 14

So, I use Find Big Mail to find all my large mail and then this tool to save all the large attachments to google Drive. I can then go in and remove the attachments and free up space in Gmail. Very cool.

25 Feb 14

I spent time with Richard Collins from iStation talking about how to connect and globalize your classroom and why you should do it. It was a fun conversation.

20 Feb 14

Lots of kids share flashcards for studying, here's another way to create the cards but to do it TOGETHER. Cool.

20 Feb 14

"Students from all over the world can collaborate in their classrooms and at home to create and publish books using Classroom Authors web based publishing application."

Very cool website -- this from the publisher "Our software was developed working with Colombia University Teacher's College and over 40 classrooms with the purpose of engaging students in the writing process through collaborative book publishing."

This looks to be a very cool website and another way to have students publish books and have an authentic audience.

20 Feb 14

"While I did enjoy David Burgess’ Teach Like a Pirate, and the hangout that she shared with us, I’ll admit… it made me kind of sad.  Not because of the content itself!  But because of the hard memories it brought up.  I used to teach creatively and encourage innovation in my classroom like that.  When I graduated college, I was chock full of ideas and adored hands-on learning.  But my communication skills was parents was very weak and my administrator was a frustrated man who decided his best way of control was micromanaging.  It’s a bit of a long story, but the end result is I was knocked down to stop being creative; to just follow the curriculum and to push worksheets. "

Wow. As I read this teacher from Dr. Lee Graham's class (they are in gamifi-ed with my students) I'm so touched by how the teacher helps us feel what is happening to TOO MANY TEACHERS. Too many teachers are being pushed down to teach the wrong way. Worksheet wonders and we wonder why no one loves to learn. This is sad and must change. I hope you'll comment.

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