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Clint Lalonde

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Jul 25, 16

Adaptive and personalized learning. The future of learning, both benefits and pitfalls.

Jun 23, 16

"Stigmergic Collaboration: A Theoretical Framework for Mass Collaboration"

  • Instead, it may be that higher education is realizing that “helping students learn how to learn” is a better and more appropriate mission. 
  • A flipped epistemology is that learners may well need an “informational” phase in a course (teacher-centered, most likely) but that the heart of the course is the “transformational” phase of the course (learning – centered).  This phase is where the learner – in teams or alone – takes more responsibility for learning through one form of engaged learning or another (Robert Kegan).
Jun 14, 16

"technical interoperability standards and cloud-based computing as enablers of migration away from legacy LMS"

Jun 11, 16

Add undo changes to a WordPress site

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