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Clint Lalonde

Clint Lalonde's Public Library

Feb 24, 15

People do NOT remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, etc. That information, and similar pronouncements are fraudulent. Moreover, general statements on the effectiveness of learning methods are not credible---learning results depend on too many variables to enable such precision. Unfortunately, this bogus information has been floating around our field for decades, crafted by many different authors and presented in many different configurations, including bastardizations of Dale's Cone.

Feb 11, 15

“For many younger companies, the focus has been more on building the product out and less on guaranteeing a level of comprehensive privacy and security protection commensurate with the sensitive information associated with education,” said Jonathan Mayer, a lawyer and computer science graduate student at Stanford University. “It seems to be a recurring theme.”

Feb 02, 15

The Blended Synchronous Learning Handbook is the primary output of the Blended Synchronous Learning Project. It includes the summative findings of the Blended Synchronous Learning case studies, a Blended Synchronous Learning Design Framework, and a range of other resources and information to support blended synchronous learning design research and practice.

Feb 02, 15

In 2013, Pearson increased sales by 2% in headline terms to £5.2bn generating adjusted operating profit of £736m ($1.1 billion) after net restructuring charges.

  • In 2013, Pearson increased
    sales by 2% in headline
    terms to £5.2bn generating
    adjusted operating profit
    of £736m after net
    restructuring charges.
Jan 17, 15

The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Jan 17, 15

National Science Digital Library

Dec 12, 14

The 'OER Evidence Report 2013-2014′ brings together a range of evidence around the research hypotheses of the product and provides an overview of the impact OER is having on a range of teaching and learning practices.

Dec 12, 14

The James A. Gibson Library is cancelling our subscription to a package of 1,363 journals from Wiley-Blackwell effective December 31, 2014 due to financial constraints. The cumulative impact of annual price increases from scholarly publishers, coupled with the higher American dollar, make it impossible for the Library to maintain this subscription.

Dec 05, 14

Project with contributions from Athabasca University

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