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Clint Lalonde

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Sep 26, 16

Some core principles around using student data

Sep 16, 16

Popup clouds to do a website tour. Good support to show how to use software

Aug 26, 16

"We can challenge how the Web and the Internet work – at the level of politics, power, money, and technology. But we can do so only if we understand what’s at stake, if we understand that the Web and the Internet are not naturally-occurring entities but are corporate and national forces bending towards certain ideological ends – privatization and profit."

Aug 22, 16

"Under the agreement, Ontario colleges recognize that a McDonald’s employee with at least two of four company courses required to become a manager has earned the equivalent of first-year courses in a two- or three-year business diploma. As a result, the manager-in-training could apply to a college and enter a business program in second-year, potentially saving up to $4,500 in tuition. Eligible students can take courses online, in class or a combination of both."

Aug 19, 16

After six years of study, more than 3,000 student surveys, nearly 40 interviews, close to 700 anonymous written responses, and numerous observations of students in classes across four disciplines, Dr. Angel Hoekstra knows a thing or two about how to…

Aug 19, 16

"Faculty are in the knowledge creation business. Whether demonstrated through their research, teaching, or both, they are subject-matter experts. Therefore, search engines (especially Google) should be aware of who they are, what they do, and how they contribute value. To this end, SEO is a critical consideration, and faculty must attend to it when establishing and maintaining a web presence that showcases and shares their expertise with the world."

Aug 19, 16

Posted by bon under change11, digital identity, great debates, MOOCs, participation, performativity, subjectivities[50] Comments Welcome to the home stretch of #change11, everybody. via Pocket

Aug 19, 16

APS is calling on you to support the Association’s mission to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent psychological science as fully as possible and thereby to promote the free teaching of psychology worldwide.

Aug 19, 16

Recently I watched a video of Mark Zuckerberg (see below) addressing educators at The New Schools Summit earlier this year. He was invited to discuss the context of his donation of 100 million dollars to public schools in Newark, New Jersey, and his…

Aug 19, 16

"During all of these tasks, you will be organizing content at a high level to give it a meaningful structure. A meaningful structure is logical, helping people to comprehend and retain the content as well as helping them quickly find the content they need."

Aug 19, 16

­Most people didn't know much about scientific peer review five years ago. Then, in December 2005, South Korean scientist Dr. via Pocket

Aug 19, 16

Worry about information overload has become one of the drumbeats of our time. via Pocket

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