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Chris Lindsay

Chris Lindsay's Public Library

Sep 09, 15

This morning I spent time with P6 learners at Stoneywood school. The school have 30 new HP Chromebook 14’s deployed and this morning I was worki...

Sep 09, 15

Create free interactive timelines. HSTRY is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.

Jul 29, 15

By collecting their learning artifacts and compiling them into portfolios, students should have an opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and see their own growth.

Jul 29, 15

I backed the Mod-t 3D printer from New Matter on Indiegogo when it was being funded.  While I am waiting for its May 2015 delivery, I wanted to learn more about 3D printers and how they can be used...

Jun 23, 15

Example Scratch Project HWCW - Basha and Christopher on Scratch by meadowbrookschool

Jun 18, 15

Transfer Google Sites ePortfolios to Individual Accounts

Jun 16, 15

Has your district told you your students will bring Chromebooks with them to class in the fall? Are you eager to integrate this technology into instruction but unsure how? Here are ten things you c...

Jun 01, 15

It is easy to use green screen effects on an iPad to produce professional looking photos and videos. Learn how with the Green Screen app by Do Ink.

May 29, 15

Google Chrome offers applications that function like software programs in the computer. With these apps you and your students can get work done more easily.

May 29, 15

BYOD and one-to-one laptop/tablet implementations on K-12 campuses usually sound simply enough in theory—but they can actually be quite complex. Lenny Schad, chief technology

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