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Apr 07, 09

This webpage takes you through a site-to-site VPN Configuration starting with implementing the scenario and information that is needed to have available all the way to specifing hosts and viewing VPN attributes. It also has easy to follow screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

  • ASA
  • IKE
    • chris king
      chris king on Apr 07, 09

      Multiple proposals can be created at each peer to ensure that at least one of these proposals will match a remote proposal. The proposals can also be prioritized in the policy statement by listing the ones that you want to use from first to last.

    • chris king
      chris king on Apr 07, 09

      During the IKE negotiation this policy looks for another IKE policy that is the same on both peers. One peer sends all of its policies to the remote peer and in turn the remote peer attempts to find the match for it.

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  • adaptive security appliance

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Mar 28, 09

This covers alot of interesting areas. Has some really good screen shots within the Exchange Management Console, Email Address Policies, and Email Address Properties. It also has a list of variables that can be used for the Email Address Policy.

  • E-mail address policies
  • define the proxy addresses that are stamped onto recipient objects in the  Exchange 2007 organization.
    • chris king
      chris king on Mar 30, 09

      This is pretty much a small definition of what the email address policy is.

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  • Recipient Update Service (RUS),
    • chris king
      chris king on Mar 30, 09

      This is the component of Exchange that is responsible for generating mail proxy addresses for all mail-enabled objects in an Exchange organization. This policy is also responsible for ensuring that all mail-enabled objects in the Exchange organization have a valid SMTP address following the naming format.

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Mar 11, 09

Provides information about installation of the Windows Server '08 O.S. It also provides info that can be used to troubleshoot problems that may occur during the install. It also starts out telling you what the system requirements are for this product. There is a very detailed checkless that will prepare you for the installation of Server '08.

  • dcpromo places the Active Directory® database and log files under  %Windir%
    • chris king
      chris king on Mar 10, 09

      DCPromo installs and removes the Active Directory Domain Services. There are alot of .exe parameters. I would recommend looking these up and understanding these parameters if you plan to use this tool.

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  • if the Active Directory database is hosted outside of any of the folders above,  then the hosting volume or volumes must only contain additional free space equal  to at least 10% of the current database size or 250 MB, whichever is  greater. Finally, the free space on the volume that hosts the log files must be  at least 50 MB.
  • If you install a Plug and Play device, you may receive a warning if the driver  is not digitally signed.

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Feb 26, 09

This article will show how to determine what info to document, how to gather the info, and how to present the info.
Also could be a very good starting resource if your walking into a network that has nothing documented.

  • take technical information about a given network and present it to someone less  familiar with that network in a way that allows the person to know what you  know.
    • chris king
      chris king on Feb 26, 09

      This can be very helpful. Being able to show someone that is unfamiliar with the network certain things or to have them go troubleshoot something could be very aggravating for you and the person if it is not documented the right way or not documented at all. Imagine trying to troubleshoot something when you have no clue as to where the problem may be.

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  • what information would you want to know about it? That is what you should  document for your network.
    • chris king
      chris king on Feb 26, 09

      Not only the information that you want to know, but the information that someone else may need to know if something was to happen.

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  • set the priorities for your documentation. Decide what information you need to  record right away and what information can wait until later.

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  • With Starter GPOs you get the ability to save baseline templates to use when  creating new Group Policy Objects (GPO).
  • Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista will uninstall the version of  GPMC that comes as part of the operating system – leaving you without a tool to  manage you domain GPOs…
  • Everything other than “Administrative Templates” policy settings must then be  created from scratch,

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Feb 08, 09

This has some good information about different screens. Certain screens can affect the brightness and resolution. How weird didnt know that.

  • Permanently installed screens can save time and money when you’ll be using your  home theatre on a regular basis
  • often chosen for a home theatre that does double duty as a living room, bedroom  or den.
  • A motorized screen is extremely convenient to use. It can be integrated with a  master control system, or operated with its own remote or wall switch from  wherever needed.
    • chris king
      chris king on Feb 08, 09

      Take in to consideration being motorized also means its more likely to break.

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Feb 08, 09

This covers some of the most important key elements when choosing a projector such as brightness, resolution, contrast ratio, and weight.

  • The more light you have in a room when using the projector, the more lumens  you'll need.
  • greater than 1200 lumens. Most professional presenters tend to stay along the  lines of 1800 lumens and greater. You should also realize that larger images  need more lumens to project clear images
  • 800 x 600 is usually sufficient for standard presentations

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Feb 07, 09

Very informative. 1080p would be great with blu-ray. If you dont have blu-ray consider the alternatives. There are also good comments at the bottom of the page.

  • 720p projectors have dropped well below $1,500 (some are below $1,000), and they  continue to deliver outstanding picture quality for the money.
  • for many buyers on a budget the ideal solution is still the 720p projector.
  • the 1080p projectors will give you almost nothing in image quality that the 720p  projectors don't already give you

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Feb 07, 09

This is very informative especially if you are having trouble trying to decide on which one to purchase. It helps explain alot of the pros and cons.

  • LCD
  • LCD
  • LCD and DLP each have unique advantages over the other. Neither one is perfect.

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Feb 03, 09

This is wickedly awsome! It is pretty much an ipod for your books. Check it out and watch the videos for it. You can read books and up-to-date papers. You can even download pdfs to it.

  • YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT!!!! - chris king on 2009-02-03
Feb 02, 09

Currently attending Fountainhead College of Technology"> <meta name="keywords" content="twitter, social media,social web

Jan 28, 09

This is a very informative step by step tool. It provides benefits by reducing maintenance, management, and attack surface. It is also a compilation of very useful commands that allows local and remote server installs.

    • A Server Core installation provides these benefits in  three ways:



      •  By reducing the software maintenance required  (less updates, etc…)   
      •  By reducing the management required   
      •  By reducing the attack surface   
    • chris king
      chris king on Jan 28, 09

      By reducing the required items it should help manage a more secure and user friendly system. Especially for the admin.

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    • By reducing the software maintenance required (less updates, etc…)  
    • By reducing the management required  
    • By reducing the attack surface
  • The following list is a compilation of some of the most useful  commands allowing you to either locally or remotely manage a Server Core  installation.
    • chris king
      chris king on Jan 28, 09

      Not only are these useful commands but it is a great step by step tutorial for running the commands.

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Jan 23, 09

Very scary stuff. CAN TANSMIT ITSELF via USB!!! Microsoft has a patch that protects against Ethernet side of it. Could Be used to completely highjack a computer.

  • Downadup, Conficker, or Kido
  • The very sophisticated worm exploits multiple secure flaws in Microsoft’s  Windows OS’s.  It injects itself into services.exe, a common system  process.  It creates a new DLL file in Windows  system folder with a random five letter name.  It makes registry edits  referencing this DLL as a service, so it’s automatically  run on restart.
  • Microsoft has a patch which protects against the Ethernet side of the attack

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Jan 22, 09

Explains alot about the new features that Server 2008 has. Some of these include bitlocker, hyper-v, server manager, server core, and RODC to name a few.

  • This is a refined, mature, and stable operating system that will no doubt power  server systems of all kinds for years to come.
  • Server Core, which provides a lightweight version of the server aimed at  specific workloads, and Hyper-V, Microsoft's hypervisor-based virtualization  technology.
  • a more easily serviceable system,

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Jan 22, 09

Talks about some of the new security features such as bitlocker, read-only controllers, and active directory. Also the I.I.S. 7.0 is said to be much easier and faster. Other new features are WDS and NAP

  • Run command was missing from the Start Menu
  • click on the Start Search area of the Start Menu and type in the command  that you need.
  • They have also removed the add/remove programs icon in control panel.

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  • make a domain group policy object (GPO) and link it to the domain and be done  with the issue.
  • make local policy changes for specific systems where the communication to NTLMv1
  • the “Send LM &NTLM responses” option will provide the most functionality  and will allow the newer Windows clients the ability to communicate with systems  using an older Samba installation.
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