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Chris Stanley

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Feb 07, 16

Watch & Learn - New native Container technology in Windows Server 2016, in conjunction with Hyper-V and Azure

  • Ingredients


    2 cans coconut milk (not coconut cream--it will clump)
     3 cups strawberries
     1 1/2 c sugar
     lemon juice to taste




    Chop or puree strawberries and put them in a bowl. Add 1/2 cup of the sugar and the lemon juice. Let sit for 2 hours.
     In a separate bowl, whip the coconut milk (it separates in the can.) Add the remaining cup of sugar. Add the strawberry mixture. Pour into the Cuisinart ice cream maker...and you'll have ice cream! (Great for vegans or after a kosher meat meal)

  • Primary and Secondary Name Servers


     Typically, a single name server will be configured as the primary name server for a domain. For backup purposes, a number of other name servers may be configured as secondary name servers. From the standpoint of DNS, there is no difference between primary and secondary name servers, since the resolving algorithm simply uses a domain's NS records in the order provided. Typically, the primary name server is listed first, followed by the secondaries, but this is not a requirement. In fact, if a group of domains is served by a set of name servers, the ordering of the name servers may be mixed among the domains, to facilitate load balancing.

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