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12 Jan 13

Andy Losik encourages shaking the winter blahs by planning to go to conferences - specifically MACUL! True, he's a MACUL officer but this is posted on big time edreach site! Not familiar with edreach? Well, get over there and explore and learn!

27 Dec 12

Explanation and examples from one district provides insight into successes and challenges of the flipped classroom.

09 Dec 12

Short videos explain the ADDIE Instructional design modle

20 Oct 12

an ebook published 2012 by David Wiley - final version will come out in Dec 2012 in ePub - David Wiley posted it in ITForum Oct 19, 2012

03 Sep 12

list of places that host Moodle sites

07 Aug 12

Great source for digital citizenship resources & advice. Includes reviews of movies, games. websites & apps.

28 Jul 12

free and paid versions. description from website - Create flash, jQuery and HTML5 animations: 49 high quality animations; on-line tool available to all; free unlimited hosting; add to your website with one click; compatible with mobile, iPhone/iPad. Haven't tried it yet.

28 Jul 12

from NYTimes list 7/28/12 -The BBC ( Users will find instruction for 40 languages, including French, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, German, Italian and Portuguese. Click on a language and then “holiday phrases” to see an array of vocabulary categories — Food and Drink, Shopping, Getting Around — that can be downloaded as audio files. There are also cultural notes and games, like “French Property,” in which users click and drag real estate listings (“belle maison de campagne, jardin attenant, véranda”) to match them with a corresponding photo. Choose the correct answer and a woman’s voice exclaims, “C’est magnifique!” For those who have at least 12 weeks before a trip, there is an easy-to-use beginners’ course. According to the BBC, the syllabus conforms to the first level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, a scale for language-learning proficiency.

Bottom line: A lively, breezy introduction to a language, though some of the videos are not available in all areas.

28 Jul 12

from NYTimes list 7/28/12 - Learn a Language ( Users choose a language (Japanese), then a category (“Japanese Words”), followed by a topic (“Travel”). Next, they decide whether to play an educational game or click through talking flash cards. There’s one word on each card, which can be flipped over with a click. For example, a card with “suutsukesu” on one side says “suitcase” on the other.

Bottom line: The Web site is not as comprehensive as others, but it enables users to study key words and phrases without having to make their own flash cards.

28 Jul 12

at Annenburg recommended from NYTimes list 7/28/12 - French in Action (; type “French in Action” in the search box) This 1980s instructional television series produced by Yale University and WGBH Boston with Wellesley College is a kooky romp through Paris and environs in which an American man and a fetching French blonde exchange basic phrases. Performed in French without subtitles, it is supposed to prevent students from translating words in their heads, so that they will learn the language in context.

28 Jul 12

from NYTimes list 7/28/12 - Digital Dialects Visitors can beef up their vocabulary by identifying items in animated scenes. Choose Italian and a category like “Clothing,” and you’ll be asked to match the word to the fashions worn by a graying Italian lady (when red arrows point to her dress, select “il vestito”).

Bottom line: Definitely more educational than playing FarmVille on Facebook. Still, the site may be better suited for children.

28 Jul 12

from list at NYTimes 7/26/12 - Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French ( A search on iTunes will turn up many delightful (and free) language lessons, including these spirited podcasts from Radio Lingua Network, which promise “language learning with your latte.” Each 15- to 20-minute podcast encourages participation (listeners are asked to pinch their noses to achieve the perfect French “non”). The network also offers “One Minute” crash courses (really two to four minutes) in languages including Arabic, Greek, Mandarin and Irish.

Bottom Line: The hosts are Scottish, so while you’re learning French or Spanish, you also may feel as if you’ve been transported to South Ayrshire. But you’ll enjoy smart, energetic, well-produced lessons.

20 Jul 12

friendly list of links to Moodle 2 help pages from

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