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  • Ne te quaesiveris extra.
  • imitation is suicide
  • Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society  of your contemporaries, the connection of events

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Sep 23, 11

"And Grandpa Joad did die.
They buried Grandpa Joad by the side of the road,
Grandma on the California side,
They buried Grandma on the California side."

  • And Grandpa Joad did die.
     They buried Grandpa Joad by the side of the road,
     Grandma on the California side,
     They buried Grandma on the California side.

  • Technology is my native tongue
  • What  kind of person am I becoming as a result of all this stuff
  • Some might  call this combination paradoxical, even contradictory. But it could also  be called sophisticated, because the Amish have an elaborate system by  which they evaluate the tools they use; their tentative, at times reluctant  use of technology is more complex than a simple rejection or a whole-hearted  embrace. What if modern Americans could possibly agree upon criteria for  acceptance, as the Amish have? Might we find better ways to wield technological  power, other than simply unleashing it and seeing what happens? What can  we learn from a culture that habitually negotiates the rules for new tools?

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  • I’ve been spoiled
  • My cohort is still always in search of a power plug and there’s a lag between the time a question is asked and the point at which the iPhone’s slow browser is loaded, the query is entered, and the answer is given
  • two audiences in attendance

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  • the iPod of its day
  • the size of a small book
  • cumbersome

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