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Caterina Skiniotou

Caterina Skiniotou's Public Library

Mar 18, 15

"“Ο σκαντζόχοιρος που ήθελε να τον χαϊδέψουν” Κατερίνα Αναγνώστου"

  • ninth
  • It rules the taking in of information, through study at the university or through international travel
  • mainly an intellectual house

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  • Mars came to visit you, but he is about to arrive now, on January 12, and remain with you until February 19.
  • Mars will tour Pisces from January 12 to February 19. This is when you will have the most control over outside events. Having said that, Mercury retrograde will cause a little bit of complication from January 21 to February 11.
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