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Caterina Skiniotou

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  • Students of human resource management learn about psychological contracts that employers and employees form and renegotiate over the years. Islam, on the other hand, creates the very foundation of that contract, peripherals of which may only be negotiated.
  • The Prophet outlines a just wage as being the right of an employee while discouraging his exploitation at the hands of the employer: “Three persons who will certainly face Allah’s displeasure on the day of Judgment are: the one who dies without fulfilling his commitment to God, the one who sells a free person and enjoys the price, and the one who engages a laborer, receives due work from him but does not pay him his wage.”
  • Islamic work ethics give more emphasis on social aspect at workplaces, stressing on positive values such as preserving human respectability, prioritizing work commitment, and diligence.

  • Making is predicated on the desire that we all have to exert agency over our lives, to solve our own problems. It recognizes that knowledge is a consequence of experience, and it seeks to democratize access to a vast range of experience and expertise so that each child can engage in authentic problem solving.
Aug 03, 16

Theories and Models of Learning for Educational Research and Practice. This knowledge base features learning theories that address how people learn. A resource useful for scholars of various fields such as educational psychology, instructional design, an

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