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  • The first area has to do with the instructional outcomes of standards based education. However anyone feels about the current climate of change and the emphasis on the adoption of centralized standards, I believe that all stakeholders are asking for the same thing; students who are better equipped to reason, problem solve and effectively communicate their ideas in a global society. As stated in the textbook, Essential Guide to Critical Reading and Writing, “All employers, not just ones looking for top-tier candidates, are looking for workers who are well-equipped consumers of information, those who are able to (a) conduct research and produce evidence-based analysis, (b) demonstrate strong communication skills, and (c) apply their learning to real-world problems.” If this is the desired outcome for education then policy must define and reflect a clear plan to address these outcomes.

  • If you are applying to colleges for undergraduate or graduate work, or you are taking qualifying tests, or working on a thesis (or defending one), you will make a positive impression if you make and announce your decisions after that new moon appears on November 11.
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  • It rules the taking in of information, through study at the university or through international travel

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