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Caitlin Cahill

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Jul 11, 16

Why It's Never Too Late To Rescue Failing Students

  • However, District Court Judge William Alsup overturned the jury finding on copyright infringement and ruled that the structure of the Java APIs used by Google was not copyrightable.  Judge Alsup reasoned that “so long as the specific code used to implement a method is different, anyone is free under the Copyright Act to write his or her own code to carry out exactly the same function or specification of any methods used in the Java API.”

  • Be able to create effective content by applying the principles of multimedia design
May 19, 16

"When I'm not menstruating, I'm ovulating, so there's just no time to code" So much sass in 60 seconds. #GirlsDoCode

May 19, 16

Yaas... @Firebase expands to become a unified app platform #MoreAwesome

May 13, 16

Just Say No to Screen-Free Week - GeekDad

May 10, 16

IBM’s Watson Has a New Project: Fighting Cybercrime

Apr 25, 16

The Librarian Who Saved Timbuktu’s Cultural Treasures From al Qaeda

Apr 22, 16

Free yearly checklists to prepare for college throughout high school. #collegeprep #highschool #printable

Apr 22, 16

50% OFF TODAY Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation by James McQuivey #book #deal #startup

Apr 13, 16

Millennials Are Out-Reading Older Generations #kidstoday Now if we can only get them to appreciate libraries!

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