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Caitlin Cahill

Caitlin Cahill's Public Library

about 16 hours ago

University of Minnesota researcher has one of the first 'bioprinters' using living tissue

May 19, 15

PayPal Aids Businesses with 'Working Capital' Loans:

May 08, 15

Why do imaginative TV shows always lose out to "reality" TV, lewd comedies, and gratuitous violence?! #RenewForever #AnythingByBryanFuller

May 07, 15

Real-time data engine, e.g. for chat apps.

May 06, 15

Today's moment of cute: Fox Cubs Play with Dog's Ball in Man's Backyard

May 06, 15

Nice modern #Moodle theme: Moodlerooms releases Snap theme to the community

May 06, 15

Google Testing: Students Using Search Engines on Exams (EdSurge News)

May 05, 15

"i broke git :("... does any develop not? :) Will definitely be referencing this. #webdevelopment

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