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about 6 hours ago

What #PR pros can learn from Twitter's Project Lightning:
Twitter is going to rely on more humans going forward. What that means for #PR:

about 14 hours ago

RT @CNWMedia: . @Quebecor selects @CNWGroup as news release, multimedia, webcasting provider

about 17 hours ago

How to get today'’s buyer to flock to you in a landscape where shepherding no longer works #marketing
Four buyer stages that every company needs to know #marketing
Don'’t lose sales to a weak #content strategy
Buyers are getting more confident, picky, and informed. How #contentmarketing is adapting:
Modern buyer matchmaking: sealing a deal is increasingly about tracking the #buyerjourney.

about 19 hours ago

Are you using free tools for #mediamonitoring? Justify a professional service:

Jun 27, 15

Targeted media lists are key to strong #PR efforts. @_MelissaMeyer explains how it'’s done right:
Five ways to maintain an effective media list from @_MelissaMeyer:
Minding your spam is just one step to an effective media list:
Follow the steps in this list to have a strong media list:
Five steps to a good #PR media list from @_MelissaMeyer:
A good media list is about more than new contacts (although that’'s also key):
Using a media directory is just one of many great steps to a strong media list:
RT @_MelissaMeyer: Maintain that media list with ease by following these tips: via @CNWGroup

Jun 26, 15

‘’Behavior is completely related to architecture’’ @JamesGRobinson at the recent CAJ conference in Halifax:
How a story is presented can be just as important as the content within it when it comes to audience reach:
Reaching a wide audience can have a lot to do with the right packaging says @TousNadine:
The NYT is learning just how much a strong presentation can open content to a wider audience:
Beauty can mean readership. Investing time into presentation elevates your content:

Jun 26, 15

.@buffer analysed 4.8 million tweets to figure out the best time to tweet:

Jun 25, 15

Meet the Press: @Kristie__Smith, reporter at iPolitics:
What’'s it like being an Ottawa reporter at an online outlet? Read our latest Meet the Press:
PR pros!! Beware of excess exclamation points!!! Says @Kristie__Smith in our Meet the Press:
Our newest Meet the Press Q&A with iPolitics’' @Kristie__Smith:

Jun 24, 15

Try to be an ally of the reporter not simply have him or her do your bidding, says @feintuchcomm #brandmonitor

Jun 24, 15

Probe for underlying business objective after invariably being asked for NYT coverage: @feintuchcomm #brandmonitor

Jun 24, 15

"In communications content is king, but in monitoring and measurement context is king." @MICHELEPUT #brandmonitor

Jun 24, 15

The latest news from the #brandmonitor world, all here at our latest webinar
Uncover selling angles at our #brandmonitor webinar coming up this afternoon
15 minute warning! Sign up and hear the latest in #brandmonitor news at our webinar

Jun 22, 15

11 things we learned at CNW’s latest Breakfast with the Media:
Getting up early for our Breakfast with the Media is good practice--—mornings are best for pitching:
If you want a chance at having a page one photo, don’t tell a news outlet photographer where to stand:
Lessons from this week’s Breakfast with the Media event featuring @bborzyko, @claireneary and @SunnyFreeman
So many tips from @bborzyko, @claireneary and @SunnyFreeman at our latest Breakfast with the Media

Jun 22, 15

Tips from @badalie on how to best utilize a #pressconference:
Are press conferences dead?
Is it time to bury press conferences once and for all?
When you should be using a press conference with:
"“There is definitely still a place for press conferences in the publicity toolkit," says @badalie
The age of the press conference is not over:

Jun 19, 15

“It’s important to set expectations before strategy is developed.” More tips from @KellyOlivePR @VeritasComms:
Understanding the media is the key to offering the best #PR counsel:
"We need to make this one BIG!" Some sage advice on managing expectations around newsworthiness:
Creating a digital media kit that's anything but prehistoric with @travelalberta:
.@KellyOlivePR from @VeritasComm shares some insight into managing expectations:
“Great relationships allow you to have those conversations without added stress and pressure," @KellyOlivePR

Jun 18, 15

@FCABQ We did a similar event in Montreal on May 14. You can tune in to the audio archive: #cnwbwtm

Jun 18, 15

MT @CNWNews: Breakfast with the Media #Toronto Audio Recording Now Available #cnwbwtm

Jun 18, 15

RT @NATIONALPR: Our #NATTORRocksMedia Week continues with @CNWGroup's Michelle & Elisa's workshork this am!

Jun 17, 15

PR is about more than delivering a drab media hit spreadsheet says @jameswbreen:
Three ways to improve your PR efforts:
How better analysis can help your #PR game:
Want better #PR results? Follow these three steps:
How #PR should be making a measurable impact:

Jun 17, 15

.@travelalberta introduced the world to Hellboy with a digital media kit that's anything but prehistoric:
How do you bring a new dinosaur species to life? Check out our latest instalment of Canadian Content We Love:

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