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about 1 hour ago

Santa delivers in one night, but you need to start now if you want your pitches to land:
.@ericvellend and @cyoudan share a few ways you could better approach holiday pitches:

about 2 hours ago

RT @itsjbpr: Check out this free #CrisisPR webinar from @CNWGroup Thanks for sharing @JamesWBreen! #crisiscomm

about 3 hours ago

3 ways #PR pros can get their content to where #journalists are looking:
#PR pros have a lot more to contend with these days. 3 ways to get stuff to where #journalists look:

about 4 hours ago

Our latest Content We Love: @webergrillsca has the recipe for a great visual campaign:

about 6 hours ago

Be prepared for #crisiscomms in a social age. Join our webinar:
Want to know what makes a good #crisiscomms plan? Sign up for our webcast:
#crisiscomms in a social age. Are you ready? Our webcast is tomorrow:

about 20 hours ago

#HowTo monitoring your brand across the web:

Jul 28, 15

Regardless of your role in #PR and #Communications, #innovation should be on your mind:
RT @elisasch: What do you think is in store for the future of communications and PR? Let us know @CNWGroup!
From #CPRS2015: @samkj27 @JuliaOosterman on 4 area communicators need to watch
Communications' future is divided into "tools" and "truths" by @samkj27 @JuliaOosterman:

Jul 28, 15

It's funny 'cause it's true: Stuff Business People Say

Jul 27, 15

RT @lauriesmith: Canadian content from @CNWGroup now included in @PRNewswire for #Journalists newsfeed #cdnmedia

Jul 27, 15

Our latest Meet the Press features handy social media insights from Huffpo Canada's @boyreporter:
Meet the man making sure @HuffPostCanada stays on top of its social media game:
.@HuffPostCanada Social Media Ed. @boyreporter would love to go north for his dream story:
Our newest Meet the Press features Huffpo Canada's Social Media Manager, Ron Nurwisah:

Jul 27, 15

What changes to Facebook's API mean for #PR:

Jul 27, 15

#Buzzwords: They can bolster a message, but also break it #PR #howto:
Should #PR pros be blacklisting #buzzwords?
Why #buzzwords should be treated like a seasoning and not a main course:

Jul 24, 15

Why comms people should be looking at emojis #worldemojiday:
We celebrate #worldemojiday by looking at how they’ve entered the comm. world:
Emojis are like water-wings for your text:
.@GM showed they knew just where emojis fit in how we communicate

Jul 24, 15

Brand monitoring can provide actionable business intelligence for your C-suite. Find out how:
What are you missing by using the wrong #brandmonitoring tools?
Brand monitoring is more than just counting #PR hits - it can provide biz intel for the #Csuite:

Jul 24, 15

Three essentials for overcoming #blogging paralysis. Each and every time:
Ever suffer from what @amandalaird calls "Blinking Cursor Syndrome?" Here's how to get over it:
A few great #blogtips from @ADHicken on Beyond the Wire:
#HowTo overcome blogging paralysis and ease blinking cursor syndrome:

Jul 23, 15

Your #PR game will rise when you know more about how outlets use #multimedia:
Your story can still go to page one on the wings of a great photo:
What #PR can learn from how three top-tier media outlets used visuals for the same story:
How @cbcnews @financialpost @theglobeandmail teach us something important about #mediarelations

Jul 23, 15

Want better relationships with bloggers? Read our new post from @_MelissaMeyer #PR
RT @_MelissaMeyer: I wrote about building better blogger relationships for @CNWGroup. Check it out!
5 tips that will get you into a blogger's good books #PR:

Jul 23, 15

Quick ways to freshen up your #newsreleases
Fresh ideas for your news releases:
#tbt to our 2015 News Release Trends: #PR #content

Jul 22, 15

#Labatt’s release drinking water donation to wildfire-stricken Canadians took the right route:
The latest Content We Love: #Labatt'’s simple and effective Disaster Relief Program:
There'’s a value to finding the ‘just right’ level of distribution for your #PR campaign:

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