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Jul 31, 15

R. Byrne: "NASA's Eyes on the Solar System offers 3-D tours of the solar system in your browser. You can put the tours on auto-play or go through them manually. You also have the option to explore the Solar System without the guidance of a tour. I tried it both ways and found it much easier to use the tours as a guide for exploring the Solar System. The tours have some multimedia elements included in some of the stops as you move along." Download the app to get the videos. Also works on mobile devices. Mind-blowing.

Jul 31, 15

R. Stannard shows how to use Fotobabble, which allows you to upload a picture and then add voice. Great for language practice/learning.

Jul 31, 15

About 50 ways to show how video can be used in the classroom for learning/teaching language skills, culture, assessment, etc. Also divided by European standards proficiency levels and by age/school class.

Jul 31, 15

It's suprisingly easy to search for images by type, size, color, and copyright-free. This training video (5 min) by R. Stannard shows you how to do it.

Jul 31, 15

The Internet Archive has millions of free books, movies, software, music, etc., and the Wayback Machine, which can help you find things that have been removed from the Internet. A great resource for content- or project-based learning, or research in general.

Jul 31, 15

Shows how and why to use video of yourself during teaching practice to determine how to grow as a professional. Uses only a Flip camera and a tripod.

Jul 31, 15

A great video on how to get the most out of observation. In-service teachers express what they want to observe, and look for in students learning. Instructing teacher gives everyone the lesson plan first, and asks teachers to look for students really learning. After the observation, the teachers debrief in a group, focusing on how students arrived at the learning experience. (12 min. video with questions)

Jul 29, 15

"Yesterday, I published a post about the Google Sheets Add-on called Online Rubric. This morning I had a couple emails from folks with questions about how to use it. The video embedded below provides an overview of how to create a rubric in a Google Sheet."
t/h R. Byrne

Jul 27, 15

EDPuzzle let's you insert questions, add notes, and make the flipped classroom more interactive at home. You need to use one of the video sites that EDpuzzle offers. This YouTube video shows how to crop a video, add recorded audio notes, and so on. A real gem!

Jul 22, 15

A Pinterest-type site with short reviews of lesson plans for teaching with film, and descriptions of films that might be used for education, especially those with cross-cultural interest. Will take some willingness to hunt, though there is a search engine.

Jul 22, 15

"Whether it is to solve a problem, plan a project, or develop new story ideas there are plenty of occasions in the course of a school year for students to brainstorm together. I still believe that nothing beats getting together in a room to swap ideas in person, but that's not always practical or possible. For those times when in-person brainstorming sessions are not possible, the following five tools offer a good way to host brainstorming sessions online."
t/h R. Byrne

Jul 22, 15

"Geeky teachers have brought Minecraft to subjects ranging from history to biology to probability. The game is being rolled out to every secondary school in Northern Ireland this month. If you’re a parent, you’ve noticed Minecraft offerings spawning in your local summer camp listings. The Chicago Architecture Foundation offers a Minecraft camp for budding builders. Ninety-two libraries participated in the International Games Day Minecraft Hunger Games tournament, andcrowned a 13-year-old girl as its champion. And, I’ve helped launch Connected Camps’ Summer of Minecraft, a new in-game online camp.
"Progressive educators have been advocating for games-based learning ever since Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail, and Reader Rabbit opened up a new market for consumer children’s software in the ‘80s. SimCity demonstrated how a building and tinkering game could be embraced by parents, kids, and educators. And, Scratch shows how kid-centered learning communities can thrive online.
"Minecraft is part of this lineage of learning games, but it fundamentally rewrites the playbook."
This blog talks about why Minecraft is so popular with kids and with educators alike, referring back to Papert's experiments with "turtles." My 9-yr-old granddaughter is totally absorbed by the game and the games within the game she can play. She's even venturing into the "survival" mode where exploration includes fighting zombies. What's not to like?

Jul 21, 15

"One of the challenges associated with using many web-based tools is that they require students to register for accounts or require teachers to manage their students’ accounts. The process of registering and then remembering user names can take up a lot of instructional time. Therefore, whenever it is possible, I try to use tools that don’t require registration. One example of this is found in the Stupeflix video creator which does not require users to register. It is just as versatile as the popular Animoto video creator. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to make a video on Stupeflix."
Another good article from R. Byrne

Jul 16, 15

This might be a good site for self-study or additional work. Offered in a variety of L1 languages.

Jun 27, 15

A great collection of instructional videos on how to use Pinterest for education, as well as a set of links to other educational sites.

Jun 14, 15

This article also has links to other sites, but it's a nice way to start, if you can not get annoyed with having to stop all the pop-ups!

Jun 12, 15

"Use the intuitive Animatron Editor to design and publish animated and interactive content that plays everywhere, from desktop computers to mobile devices."
This looks like a great tool for creating imaginative learning apps. Get your students to help you!

Jun 12, 15

Absolutely great video (3.56 min.) showing how to observe students learning rather than the tasks or activities the teacher does. Very good way to observe each other's classes and all it takes might be a smart phone on a tripod in a corner of the room.

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