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May 07, 16

"Google added two fantastic new features to Google Slides. First, Google Slides now has a Q&A feature that lets your audience submit questions to you.
"Second, Google Slides now has a built-in laser pointer that you can use to call attention to parts of your slides. I've already received some questions about how to use these new features so I made the following short video."
t/h R. Byrne
The Q&A tool makes Google slides very versatile for online presentations. Check out the how-to video. You can turn off the feature anytime, and students can vote questions/comments up and down. If students sign in (highly recommended), you will see their Google ID name. You can hide the questions or show them to the audience. The laser pointer feature is one-click easy to use and is also mentioned in the video tutorial. Looks pretty snazzy.

May 07, 16

This set of illustrations is actually better than Byrne's instructional video on how to use the new features of Google Slides.

Apr 09, 16

R. Stannard has some instruction about how to use the ESL magazine, Breaking News English, which has games to play online, as well as an audio reading of the content, in various accents. A well-thought out set of activities, not just drill-and-grill.
The second site he discusses in Listen A Minute, which is for lower level students, and has shorter articles to read, as well as listening gap fill, jumble, and other activities.

Apr 09, 16

R. Stannard on blogging and what to do with it. You may be surprised at some of the things you can do with blogs, even though it may be considered an "old" technology. As a writing tool, blog entries are extremely useful and can even be used as a record of revisioins of an essay. You can also create a community of joint writing with multiple authors. The search function is more powerful than a website, and it can hold all sorts of media.

Apr 09, 16

R. Stannard talks about how to use, which allows free website and free domain name as well. Website creation is a useful class or individual project and allows students an arena to create something beyond social media.

Apr 09, 16

EdTechTeacher is a site with many free parts. The mobile apps page can be searched by type of device or by type of learning activity. The team also offers webinars and other apparatus to help teachers.

Apr 02, 16

An interesting article on podcasting by Forbes online, predictin that podcasting is the future because of its ubiquity on both iOS and Android mobile phones. The younger generation is once again leading innovation's way with what to us older users was a technology of the 2000s. Podcasting has many uses for ESL/EFL, and having your students create a regular podcast series, scripting and recording it; or having them do podcast exchanges with students in another country -- these will be memorable learning experiences.

Apr 01, 16

This are some cute ideas, and might work for a variety of activities with different age students if you add some language practice concepts to them. K-12. Your mobile phone might have a close-up app that will let you zoom in.

Mar 25, 16

Covers Piktochart and Canva, with accompanying video tutorials. Teachers can design a graph to show what they are teaching, and/or students can show their understanding after a lesson.

Mar 23, 16

A kind of Instagram/blog board that lets you use photos, video, and voice recordings, sharing with others.

Mar 23, 16

Community worksheets for a wide variety of secondary school subjects, including STEMS and world languages. Create tests and worksheets and instructional materials and share with others.

Mar 23, 16

A cute infographic (?) of the what and why. Visual notetaking is encouraged for lectures and readings, and may help students make the material their own. I would recommend a combination with text notes, as students do need practice in all kinds of writing.

Mar 20, 16

This visual index might give ideas for content- and project-based projects around the climate, geography, maps, environment, conservation, etc.

Mar 15, 16

Some very good advice on how to use flipping successfully. Begins with a video, but also in the blog entry.

Mar 13, 16

R. Stannard provides information on how to set up and manage a course online or flipped, using Edmodo.

Mar 08, 16

"Over time I have created quite a few help guides, presentations, and other training resources for Google-related topics and other educational technology topics. Although these resources can be found elsewhere on this site and other locations, I have pulled them all together in one place to make it easy for people to find a needed resource, as well as to be sure you are accessing the most recent version (rather than an older copy made by someone else)."
T/H TO ERIC CURTS for these excellent resources

Mar 08, 16

This pdf has some good ways to check for understanding while in the process of reading a longer work.

Mar 04, 16

Great projects include drawing tools, poster design, and other ways to create and present student work.

Mar 01, 16

This 11 min. video discusses how teachers can help each other with professional development.

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