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May 23, 16

"Star Lake will have a grocery store after all. Padgett's Hometown IGA closed in April. Now the owners of Great American grocery stores in Watertown and Boonville are buying it."

May 06, 16

"Grete Bader, a graduate student at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse, New York, who completed her master's thesis on the site, said the plants are growing on a wetland that developed naturally on iron mine "tailings," the waste left over from the process of separating the valuable part of an ore from the rock that has no economic value. She said that in addition to six types of native orchids, some of which have populations estimated at a million, the location supports New York state's largest population of pink shinleaf, also called pink wintergreen, which is listed by New York as a threatened plant. The plant is rare in New York except at this location."

May 04, 16

"Another big difference: IBM can address and measure the state of each qubit individually. The company can measure (and has) all the critical features of its device. If you want to know how long a qubit retains its state, IBM can tell you. IBM even shows that addressing multiple qubits in a random way doesn't affect the state of the others too badly. Big Blue is really building its quantum computer from the foundation up, while still ensuring that the engineering fits real-world requirements."

Apr 29, 16

"This weekend we’ll have more than 14 hours of sunlight and a fairly bright moon. A minor geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for Saturday, and forecasts call for a chance of seeing an aurora as the earth passes through a zone in space of opposite magnetic polarity."

Apr 24, 16

"Strictly, a spaceship convention this is not. But it is as close as you are going to find in 2016: a professional, intense, inclusive-but-nerdy meeting not of big-talk entrepreneurs but of real-talk rocket-builders. These are the people who will figure out how to get human beings out of the solar system, if anyone can."

Apr 18, 16

"Your spring prep is directly related to the comprehensive winterizing of your engine and boat systems. Basically the more you do or have done for winter layup the better your chances in reducing “Sit-itis.” This is the insidious boat disease that happens, when systems that worked in the fall now do not."

Apr 18, 16

"I demonstrate how to prepare and start your boat after it has sat all winter if you put it away properly in the fall. I was quite surprised how quickly it started, it must have been those new spark plugs I put in last year. "

Apr 18, 16

"In order to assure a safe and uneventful season make sure that you go through the list below and make a note of any discrepancies that need attention."

Apr 16, 16

"Below are some of the best small mountains in the Adirondacks, in addition to a hike to OK Slip Falls, a large waterfall in the Central Adirondacks. "

Apr 16, 16

"The spring is one of the best times in the Adirondacks, but it is also when swarms of black flies emerge. The bugs can turn a great May day into a terrible one pretty quickly for people who are unprepared for them."

Apr 16, 16

"The Adirondack Nature Conservancy said New York State has finalized the purchase of more than 20,000 acres of land around the Boreas Ponds in the central Adirondacks."

Apr 16, 16

"Look for some cold, moonlit nights over the next few days, along with much warmer and sunny days. But don’t let the warmth fool you; there are still early spring conditions in the mountains. There, trails remain very icy and traction devices are recommended. Some trailheads and lower elevation trails will be muddy or a mix of mud and ice, but there is still snow and ice above about 2,500 feet and those traveling above 3,000 feet should carry snowshoes as deeper snow at higher elevations will soften considerably this weekend and make travel more difficult."

Apr 14, 16

"One good way to enjoy the company of hummingbirds is planting a hummingbird garden. In addition to providing them a natural diet, a hummer garden is an excellent way to attract birds to your nearby feeder: since hummingbirds feed by sight on regularly-followed routes - called traplining - their inquisitive nature will quickly lead them to investigate any possible new source of food. A hummer garden is also a great way to capture the birds on film or video, and makes a much nicer backdrop for your photos than the typical plastic feeder. If you plan carefully and select a variety of plants that flower at successively later dates, you will be rewarded with happy hummers throughout the season."

Apr 14, 16

"Hummingbirds prefer openings in the forest and forest edge, and so are readily drawn to suburban and rural gardens that offer a mix of tall trees, shrubs, and patches of meadow and lawn. They are less likely to frequent cities, perhaps because they find fewer flowering plants for food and trees for nesting. Yet even in the largest cities, hummingbirds occupy parks and sometimes visit window boxes or rooftop gardens planted with bright flowers, especially during migration."

Apr 14, 16

"Butterfly gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies today. What could bring more joy than a beautiful butterfly fluttering around your garden?! Here are some tips to make your garden especially butterfly-friendly."

Apr 13, 16

"Now ATK is leaving the kitchen for a new venture. This July it will launch a website, Cook's Science. Unlike the company's recipe-centric legacy brands (Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country), which were started under ATK's recently departed and controversial founder, Christopher Kimball, the new venture will focus on telling stories about food science. "We will report in the field," said Souza, "talking to scientists, chefs, farmers and professors at universities about what they're doing — then coming back to the test kitchen.""

Apr 13, 16

"On Wednesday, we got a new inkling at to what he’s up to next. Suffolk County property records indicate that Kimball is launching a new venture, CPK Media, and signed a seven-year lease at 177 Milk Street to house the company in January. The lease was filed publicly on April 1."

Apr 11, 16

"Sprawling resort hotels began popping up in many locations throughout the United States, but the Adirondacks was a particularly desirable destination, due to the region's proximity to the wealth of New York City. These institutions provided much more than just a place for guests to sleep, and were often viewed as their own self-contained worlds."

Apr 10, 16

"As I look out to the muddy ground, I think of our loons floating out there somewhere on the big open sea. I now understand better the great risks they face in their life away from this summer home we share together. I can only hope with a bit of luck, they will return. This April, loon friends, I’ll be here and waiting for you."

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