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Benjamin Stewart

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Jul 25, 13

"In today’s daily dose of The EdAdmin Minute I share a portion of a great blog post from Katherine Sokolowski."

  • BYOD policies–Bring Your Own Device–allow schools to bring technology into the classroom with a “bottom-up” approach. Such an approach can save money, allow students to use their own devices, and encourage a student-centered approach to learning.

  • Twitter today announced a new way of targeting advertisements for its users, including a partnership with three online tracking firms: media6degrees (m6d), Chango, and Adara.

  • Google Plus is turning two and it seems like we have been using it forever. The educational potential of this social networking website is huge and it is just getting better and better. I know some of you are not fully into it but I am pretty sure once you get used to it you will find it way more interesting than many other social media sites including Facebook.

  • I look at learning and teaching additional languages as being too complex to resolve one’s thinking to an answer like “this is the way to teach”. Sure, question others who say this about how others should teach, but question yourself for saying the same about your own practice. My advice would be to read the literature (because it is important); be mindful of your own practice through reflection, especially adoption, and adaption; and share successes and challenges with others, openly and with currency (e.g., a dialtectic). Bring these three elements together by looking for relevant patterns that help one’s planning, instruction, and assessment going forward.
Jun 26, 13

As colleges and universities across the country move to start or expand online education, professors at Oregon State University worry their university isn’t doing enough to control quality at its longstanding and fast-growing online program.

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