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  • There is a whole cottage industry of people talking about innovation, including all kinds of garbage
  • the more project management you do the less likely your project is to succeed
  • Everyone knew we shouldn't build our own hardware as it was 'dumb', but everyone was wrong.

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  • reject vs. accept/revise at levels barely beyond chance
Jun 09, 11

Cloud computing explained.

May 18, 11

The same guy that got ESRIN's server apparently got also a NASA one... An example of ESA leading the way, for once.

Apr 18, 11

Our job is now useless :P

Mar 27, 11

An opinion piece by an ex-Googler, talking, among other things, about how corporate culture is creeping into Google. I've highlighted some snippets which I've found eerily familiar :)

  • I worked at Google from 2005-2010, and saw the company go through many changes, and a huge increase in staff.  Most importantly, I saw the company go from a place where engineers were seen as violent disruptors and innovators, to a place where doing things “The Google Way” was king, and where thinking outside the box was discouraged and even chastised.
  • Let engineers do what they do best, and forget the rest.
  • This is probably the most important single point.  Engineers at Google spend way too much time fussing about with everything other than engineering and product design.

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Mar 07, 11

An amusing opinion piece by the Italian writer Umberto Eco.

  • The fact is that the world is divided between users of the Macintosh computer and users of MS-DOS compatible computers. I am firmly of the opinion that the Macintosh is Catholic and that DOS is Protestant.
Feb 22, 11

And the winner is... C++ :) Love the comment on Slashdot:

"C++ Templates will turn the most pious programmer into a curse-slinging, chain-smoking alcoholic."

Feb 10, 11

HIGHLY suggested read if you are interested in the Anonymous phenomenon.

Jan 16, 11

Albania is Lonely Planet's top country to visit in 2011. Ah! The ACT confirms its ability to detect trends and to be ahead of the curve.

Jan 07, 11

Pretty interesting piece on computer languages.

  • They’re underfoot and underappreciated. But the roots of a plant may demonstrate the remarkable wisdom of crowds just as swarms of honeybees or humans can

Nov 08, 10

A nice blog post about a recent Nature paper highlighting the problems of scientific software.

  • After more than eight years on the market, Apple is euthanizing the Xserve.
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