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about 8 hours ago

In the Bloom's Taxonomy Planning Kit, you are offered with a variety of key words, action verbs, outcomes and questions all related to each of the thinking levels in the taxonomy.

about 19 hours ago

"Cyber safety no longer involves simply protecting your children from inappropriate web content. These days, internet predators seem to lurk around every corner, and they are capable of everything from identity theft to erotic exploitation. However, in the midst of the dangers presented online a wealth of valuable tools and information reside."

about 19 hours ago

"School safety is a top priority.  Educators work to ensure that students are safe physically, socially, and emotionally.  Helping students be safe online and using technology responsibly is crucial to their development and well being.  
We live in a digital world where we interact digitally everyday. To be successful in this digital world we have to know what is right and wrong, be able to capably use technology, and exhibit responsible behavior when using it.  This is the concept of digital citizenship.
To be a good digital citizen, you need to be digitally literate, and teaching students digital literacy is crucial for them to be good digital citizens"

Aug 26, 15

"CT is a skill many of us, including teachers, already apply to tasks and fields of study, but are not even aware of it. As teachers, administrators and even legislators become familiar with how the deliberate application of CT enhances study across disciplines and will be a necessity in the work force of the 21st century, vocabularies in the general public will become two words richer."

Aug 26, 15

Most colleges and universities have a responsible use policy that outlines rules and expectations. In this post there are several tips for students who want to use technology wisely and avoid getting in trouble with college or legal authorities.Also a link to explore these technology must-haves for college students.

Aug 26, 15

"Finding new tactics for teaching digital citizenship to older studentss is difficult because most educator resources don’t stray far from the traditional Thou Shalt Not approach. That’s what prompted me to look for my own resources. In doing so, I came up with a three-pronged approach that engages my students in discussions about digital citizenship rather than patronizing them."

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