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Rhondda Powling

Rhondda Powling's Public Library

about 7 hours ago

Interesting piece from The Guardian. "The actor Mark Rylance has said he has to cut out parts of Shakespeare's plays because they are antisemitic. The former artistic director of the Globe Theatre in London, who is starring in the BBC's Wolf Hall, said: "I don't think there's pressure [to remove] the bawdy jokes. He's bawdier a lot more times than people realise. "The pressures I feel are more for times where he will say something very antisemitic," he said."

about 11 hours ago

This article offers advice to anyone working with young people children (Tween) who are interested in books, or if you want to help them discover the world of literature. “A children's book club is a great way for your child to make friends and socialize outside of school.”
These tips here can help you get started and although directed at the younger end of the spectrum (primary) school, many can be adapted for use with secondary school students.

about 12 hours ago

This ALA site offers some great advice and links to further information about book clubs and reading groups.
"Many libraries provide meeting space for book clubs or administer one or more book discussion group.  This page provides general information about book groups, starting with "one book" programs, some resources for guiding book groups, references for specific types of book groups, and an anonymously contributed guide to establishing and running a book discussion group. "

about 12 hours ago

A good post for anyone wanting to start a YA book club in their school. There are lots of ideas and links to other great sites that offer tips and strategies, starting from the very basic: how you might recruit members, how to structure a meeting, choosing books, and holding discussions.

Mar 04, 15

Richard Byrne reflects on this digital message board and decides that it has quite a few useful applications in schools - with classes.
"Tozzl allows you to quickly create private, password-protected message boards as well as public boards. "

Mar 04, 15

"Read and Write for Google is an excellent Chrome app that provides text-to-speech functions from your browser. They have just released a free iPad and Android app. The apps provide text to speech functions, which are great for ESL, learning disabled, visually challenged and struggling readers, on your device, just like the web app does in the Chrome Browser and Chromebooks.

Mar 04, 15

"In an attempt to uncover what works, I combed through a few hundred apps and analyzed them by asking the following questions:
How easy is this app to use for less tech-savvy students and teachers?
Is the app free? This is crucial for multi-device or BYOD classrooms.
What are other educators saying about this app?
How are an array of classrooms using this app?
How often should the app be used?
Can the app be used out of the classroom? Is it designed to be easy enough to use when teachers or classroom leaders aren’t there to help?
There are, of course, many other questions to consider when trying out an iPad app (or any other smart device app) for classroom usage. However, I’d recommend taking your deliberate time and spending as much time testing, researching, and trying out as many apps as possible."

Mar 03, 15

A great explanation of how teachers and/ or students can use existing technology to better organise their ideas and thoughts. "Paper versions of graphic organizers can do a nice job of that. But by making them digital in Google Apps, they instantly become customizable. Multiple people can collaborate on them in real time. They can be shared with a link, embedded in a website or downloaded as an image file"

Mar 02, 15

GitHub has compiled this great list comprising more than 500 free books on programming and coding. The books are organised under useful headings cover a multitude of topics.

Mar 02, 15

As we get more information about how kids learn it should have significant implications on how we design and recreate our learning spaces. This post lists 5 ways that anyone could use and easily improve the classroom learning space."

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