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Mar 20, 15

@BertrandCharlet Use the power of this Powerpoint Template to captivate your audience

Mar 13, 15

@BertrandCharlet That tweet deserves to be featured! Check it out:
@BertrandCharlet your tweet takes center stage on

Feb 03, 15

Quelles évolutions digitales pour la distribution en 2015 ? [ #Retail #ecommerce ]

Jan 30, 15

Le e-commerce boosté par des PME et des TPE ultra-dynamiques - L'Usine Digitale | @scoopit

Dec 24, 14

wonderful Exhibitions - Colourful Artworks for Parents, Children and Art collectors. Enjoy happy Art

Oct 23, 14

Making the shift from a traditional to a customer-driven #retail structure:

Oct 18, 14

How #LinkedIn Can Support Your #SmallBusiness?Visit:

#ReTweet Please

#SocialMedia #Marketing

Oct 18, 14

7 ways to better integrate SEO across your marketing channels

Oct 12, 14

« L'€™imposture économique» (2) : l'€™analyse de la demande des consommateurs ne tient pas la route :

Oct 12, 14

"L'€™imposture Economique», puissante critique de la théorie économique dominante (1) : #ALire

Oct 11, 14

Twitter Fails, Changes TOS and Outlaws Automated Follow Back via @sbhsbh

Oct 11, 14

WEB News and More for Geeks is out!

Oct 11, 14

#retail #tendances Commerce, magasins connectés, popup stores : est ce bien raisonnable | @scoopit

Oct 11, 14

#Twitter Tips #Facebook, Ads, Login: Does This Generation Actually Understand How to Use Hashtags?

Oct 11, 14

A lire : Le pouvoir des citations : un concentré de motivation en quelques mots

Oct 11, 14

Good information curation is embodied by the 5 R's. These are Research, Realism, Rituals, Relevance and Reaction.

Oct 11, 14

FREE BOOK 1 day only, 27Jun! "Powerful blend of story, strategic insight" on #Afghanistan #Kindle @KindleFreeOne

Oct 11, 14

#Poster> Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience...this is the ideal life. Mark Twain #taolife

Oct 11, 14

Google to Apple: "All your Device are Belong to Us” #Apple #tech #iphone #mac $AAPL $GOOG #google #mobile #ios

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