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Benin Brown

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Jun 02, 11

Benin Brown interviews special guest Marc Turner on Mr. Turner's successes as a power networker and team builder extraordinaire.

May 20, 11

Would you like to learn proven article marketing secrets that will help you build your primary business? If yes, you should read this article on how to dominate your niche using article marketing.

May 18, 11

Benin explains, in 4 reasons, why networkers need blogs.

May 14, 11

Benin Brown gives a brief demonstration of the power of the Profits Theme for Wordpress.

May 05, 11

If you're an MLMer wanting to put yourself in position to give your family the life of your dreams you'll need serious life changing income. Read this article to find out how.

May 04, 11

If you're buying leads or paying outrageous bootcamp fees, then you owe it to yourself to at the very least take a look at this free e-course on MLM lead generation.

May 04, 11

Don't view networking as a scary proposition or a necessary evil for being in your primary MLM business. Take the pressure off yourself and really focus on how you might be able to connect with someone you meet. Use the tips in this article and watch your business soar.

May 04, 11

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the most practical MLM marketing tips to help you grow your new MLM business this post is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy or whatever with the right know how you can make things happen.

Dec 07, 10

This is post with both text and video explaining the mousetrap-online conversion analogy.

  • very much consumed by my own online shopping, searching and finding the basic necessities of an urban lifestyle, driven by my recent move from Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX. Thus, my only observations of what got me sold in ecommerce are derived straight from the source - my own experience as a customer. So, what drove my purchasing decisions and resulted in my smooth transition from NW to SW?


    1. Retargeting (re-messaging) online display ads that appeared “miraculously” on various online destinations that I went afterwards - Facebook, Google Maps, Reader, email, news sites - kept my attention sharp on the items I wanted and got me to buy them within a week from the point of initial search to a purchase.

Jan 29, 10

Agreed. Apple need not make every move a revolutionary one to etch themselves yet further into their market.

  • There is an axiom that the biggest game-changers often result from ideas that, at first blush, seem easy to dismiss. So it goes with yesterday's launch of the iPad, Apple's entry into what they call the 'third category' of device -- the middle ground that exists between smartphone and laptop.


    Why is the iPad (seemingly) so easy to dismiss? Well, for one, it is an evolutionary device when conventional wisdom suggests that it needs to be a revolutionary device to find a wedge into a new market.

  • Over the weekend we had a chance to highlight – a company that opted to release early (and imperfectly) in exchange for valuable user feedback.
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