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14 May 10

"The positive impact telework can have on an employee's reduced commuting time, effort, and costs; increased productivity; and increased control over the delicate act of balancing work and personal responsibilities is tremendous. Benefits to the organization, including the increased ability to recruit and retain valuable employees, gain higher productivity, and experience boosted morale, are clearly documented. Reduced commuting serves to benefit the environment by fewer pollutants being dispersed into the air, and less wear and tear to roads and vehicles."

Too bad the article was written in 2006. When will we learn?

14 May 10

Telecommuting seems beautiful on paper: work from home or any location you want, without the hassle of going into an office. Telecommuter Sylvia Marino explains how the day-to-day realities are quite different from the perceived fantasy.

14 May 10

Looks like a good alternative to loading videos to Facebook for sharing with friends and family.

12 May 10

Gmail just picked up another drag-and-drop feature, less than a month after giving attachments that convenience. Starting in Chrome, and coming to other browsers soon, you can drag pictures into messages to embed them inside the body.

26 Apr 10

As a student, I was always amazed by the abilities of students to simultaneously "pay attention" and brows ...

26 Apr 10

"One good thing about Web-based financial tool Mint is that it can be used without ever having to type in any purchases or money transfers; instead, its system simply does all the work for you. That's just changed though, as Intuit now lets you write in your own transactions--even before they happen."

26 Apr 10

"In this article, I will cover 8 reasons why the Meebo instant messenger is an attractive instant messaging choice."

26 Apr 10

"There's a whole bunch of new stuff in Google Docs, including real-time editing, a drawing tool, and a new look and features for spreadsheets and presentations."

26 Mar 10

"In no particular order, here are 45 benefits of optimism:

1. It gives you a reason for living.
2. It reduces the level of stress experienced.
3. Research shows that it increases longevity.
4. It enables you to handle and put your emotions in check.
5. It promotes happiness.
6. It promotes self respect and integrity
7. It enhances various coping skills developed in order to combat life’s struggles.
8. It forges persistence which is an essential trait required for achieving success.
9. It creates a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
10. It promotes healthy living.
11. It creates a positive anticipation of the future.
12. It increases your level of productivity.
13. It allows you to deal with failure constructively.
14. It allows you to develop the attribute of patience.
15. It makes you proactive.
16. It improves your physiological and psychological well being.
17. It enables you to take a balanced approach to life by dealing with the constant negative thoughts which spring up.
18. It increases the likelihood of effective problem solving.
19. It gives you peace of mind.
20. It enables you to generate an alternative, more hopeful explanation for various difficulties experienced.
21. It ensures you believe in your dream.
22. It creates a positive attitude.
23. It increases your tolerance levels because it lowers the risk of you being irritated by little things.
24. It allows you to develop the habit of being thankful.
25. It increases your level of motivation.
26. It builds successful careers by promoting productivity.
27. It promotes laughter.
28. It doesn’t give any room for self denial.
29. It welcomes any form of constructive change.
30. It creates positive expectations.
31. It sets your mood for the day.
32. It promotes positive relationships.
33. It builds resilience in the face of adversity.
34. It promotes self confidence and boosts self esteem.
35. It ensures you are focused.
36. It promotes bonding between individuals.

05 Mar 10

Can't help but wonder how much father Google wants to push into the SharePoint space...

  • DocVerse's software—which allows people to upload Microsoft Office files to the Web to edit them—could help Google transition Microsoft Office users to Google Docs, its spreadsheet and word-processing software, which also run online.
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