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18 Aug 09

This is my multi modal! Well, the podcast is - this links to the web page that hosts it (it does have a pretty picture and text though).

18 Aug 09

This website is a collection of letter sent to and from women in the Middle Ages. These letters are relevant to a number of historical topics.

14 Aug 09

Links to a PDF file (appears to be from a book) that has some information about Medieval Inquisition, and the "testimonies" of some people convicted of heresy and whatnot. Primary Sources.

22 Jul 09

A source that seems to have a few primary/medieval sources on Catharism

30 Mar 09

This page contains a list of "events that shaped Queensland" which have been nominated as important to the state's history, as a part of the government's Q150 celebration (commemorating 150 years of QLD).

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