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Apr 16, 13

NY Tech Day is a massive science fair for entrepreneurs to exhibit their startups to thousands of consumers, investors, first adopters, job-seekers, major companies, press and media.

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  • An object is said to ``have state'' if its behavior is influenced by its history.
  • characterize an object's state by one or more state variables
  • maintain enough information about history to determine the object's current behavior.

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    • this web page
    • Follow the instructions to complete and submit your dispute online
    • Once your dispute is resolve

  • account before the daily cut-off time of 10:45 p.m. ET will be credited to the account on the same day. Immediate access to these

  • Your first task is to allocate disk space for FreeBSD, and label that space so that sysinstall can prepare it. In order to do this you need to know how FreeBSD expects to find information on the disk.
  • FreeBSD Ports Collection (for installing from source), and packages (for installing from pre-built binaries).
  • package contains pre-compiled copies of all the commands for the application, as well as any configuration files or documentation. A downloaded package file can be manipulated with FreeBSD package management commands, such as pkg_add(1), pkg_delete(1), pkg_info(1), and so on

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  • changing the constructor make-rat without changing any of the procedures (such as add-rat and mul-rat) that implement the actual operations.

  • procedural abstraction
  • Data abstraction is a methodology that enables us to isolate how a compound data object is used from the details of how it is constructed from more primitive data objects
  • operate on ``abstract data.''

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  • ch he may carry out with these symbols, without ever having to look at the things they stand for.
  • whereas our focus in chapter 1 was on building abstractions by combining procedures to form compound procedures, we turn in this chapter to another key aspect of any programming language: the means it provides for building abstractions by combining data objects to form compound data.
  • Just as the ability to define procedures enables us to deal with processes at a higher conceptual level than that of the primitive operations of the language, the ability to construct compound data objects enables us to deal with data at a higher conceptual level than that of the primitive data objects of the language.

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Jul 10, 12

google docs spreadsheets google finance integration

Jul 10, 12

table of exchanges and stocks supported by google finance google spreadsheet stocks

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