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04 Apr 14

This article discusses "framework for considering the interaction between player choice, player freedom, and the purpose of a game and what implications this has for game design"

04 Apr 14

Scholarly article on the challenges of teaching new players how to play. Researches how tutorial design affects game learnability and player engagement.

04 Apr 14

Overview of social game tutorials and the general structural principles for their design.

04 Apr 14

Forum thread at about what makes for a good way to teach players on how to play your game. While there were several suggestions, the overall consensus was good UI design was the best bet.

04 Apr 14

How to best ease players into a game. Overview of what you may want to consider when creating tutorials or how-tos within the game so your player knows what to do.

02 Apr 14

Psychological Perspectives on Motivation through Gamification - A differentiated view on the subject of gamification and how different game elements address different motivational mechanisms.

07 May 13

Using an experience point system instead of a grading system. While the numbers are similar, the execution is different.

Students start with 0 points and work their way up in an XP system, rewarding knowledge and skills gained. This is different from a typical grading system, which assumes you have an A at the beginning and removes points for every failure. Two totally different ways at looking at how to quantify student learning.

06 May 13

"Today's schools face major problems around student motivation and engagement. Gamification, or the 
incorporation of game elements into non-game settings, provides an opportunity to help schools solve these 
difficult problems. However, if gamification is to be of use to schools, we must better understand what 
gamification is, how it functions, and why it might be useful. This article addresses all three questions – what, 
how, and why bother? – while exploring both the potential benefits and pitfalls of gamification."

06 May 13

An infographic overview of the different types of game-learning.

06 May 13

Interesting infographic about using gamification in education. Also includes links to additional readings.

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