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May 21, 15

April capped a 12-month period that tied the warmest such stretch on record, according to data released Tuesday.

May 12, 15

Exposure to tipping point at 34C will drive roughly 15 percent decline in wheat yields under a 2C warming scenario, rising to around 40 percent with 4C warming

May 11, 15

While study also revises down the recent rate of rise, scientists say should be 'concerning' for anyone who lives 'around the coastal margin.'

May 02, 15

The risk of extinction accelerates with every degree increase in global temperature, which has important implications for our understanding of what constitutes a ‘safe’ increase in global temperature.

Apr 27, 15

"Extreme heatwaves and heavy rain storms are already happening with increasing regularity worldwide because of manmade climate change, according to new research."

Apr 02, 15

Over the past decade or so, even Eastern Antarctic shelves have begun to see slight losses, and this combined with accelerated Western shelf losses has led to a recent decrease in total Antractic sheet thickness

Mar 31, 15

As ground dries more, air bubbles appear in the tiny tubes that carry water through aspen trees, giving them 'a kind of heart attack'

Mar 15, 15

It's remarkable that 1980s Republican secretary of state George Shultz's ideas on global warming correspond so closely to climate warrior Jim Hansen's

Mar 08, 15

After months and months of teasing forecasters, it has officially arrived, and it's set to boost global warming to new record levels.

Mar 03, 15

Team including Michael Mann point to timing of Atlantic and Pacific temperature patterns, which have stopped balancing each other out.

Feb 28, 15

By the end of the 21st century, the average drought conditions in the Southwest US will exceed even the worst conditions during the megadroughts in the Medieval period

Feb 28, 15

The fact the rate of increase in Earth’s average surface temperature has apparently eased off in recent years is not that surprising, and definitely doesn’t mean we can stop worrying about climate change.

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