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Mar 03, 15

Team including Michael Mann point to timing of Atlantic and Pacific temperature patterns, which have stopped balancing each other out.

Feb 28, 15

By the end of the 21st century, the average drought conditions in the Southwest US will exceed even the worst conditions during the megadroughts in the Medieval period

Feb 28, 15

The fact the rate of increase in Earth’s average surface temperature has apparently eased off in recent years is not that surprising, and definitely doesn’t mean we can stop worrying about climate change.

Feb 26, 15

At sites in Oklahoma and Alaska atmospheric CO2 emitted an increasing amount of infrared energy, to the tune of 0.2 Watts per square meter per decade. This increase is about ten percent of the trend from all sources of infrared energy such as clouds and water vapor.

Feb 25, 15

It's drawing more moisture into the deep tropics and broadening areas of drought at higher latitudes.

Feb 23, 15

We can expect a burst of supercharged warming when the pause in rising global temperatures finally ends.

Feb 17, 15

Climate trends can explain 10% of the slowdown in wheat and barley yields, with changes in agriculture and environmental policies possibly responsible for the remainder.

Feb 14, 15

Worth reading the interesting comments on why there are 'gaps' in Earth's temperature record - shows it's tricky for the novice to try their hand

Feb 10, 15

The central US is experiencing flooding more often now than it was 50 years ago

Feb 08, 15

Nearly nine in 10 people say climate change is happening and 84% attributing this somewhat or entirely to human activity, new research has found. Two-thirds say they are concerned by global warming.

Jan 29, 15

Though climate models aren't capable of capturing all the "wiggles" along the path of rising temperatures, they are slightly too cool just as often as they're slightly too warm.

Jan 26, 15

Running future simulations in climate models with present-day emissions suggests 73 per cent increase in extreme La Niña events in the twenty-first century when compared to the twentieth.

Jan 23, 15

This probably isn't a real debate about climate models, but it does provide a useful insight into why predicted temperatures are what they are.

Jan 22, 15

49 do not - all Republican - and 50 do. Public debate on climate change is very much about politics, not facts.

Jan 19, 15

Considering how high temperatures affect GDP growth raises social cost of carbon from $37/tonne to $220/tonne.

Jan 16, 15

Volcanic eruptions over the past couple of decades have strongly influenced the concentration of sulfate aerosols in the stratosphere, leading to more reflected radiation and decreased sea surface temperatures.

Jan 15, 15

Reassessment shows seas rose more slowly than thought from 1900-1990, which means acceleration since 1990 is more significant

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