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Nov 20, 15

On the geographical differences in climate politics in the US, and the influence of the regularity of natural damage

Nov 19, 15

Nice to see that we can worry less about some extreme sea level scenarios, not that the ones that are more likely are good though!

Nov 12, 15

"You may have come of age in a world where global carbon dioxide concentrations were less than 400 parts out of every million, but you don’t live in that world now, and you never will, ever again. What are you going to do about that? How high will you and I let this number climb?"

Nov 04, 15

Sadly, this kind of things is likely to highlight the impact of warming more than forest fires and droughts

Nov 03, 15

Another 60 years of melting would be sufficient to kick off potentially millennia of change.

Oct 30, 15

Warming oceans and a fishing ban have led to a recovery in Atlantic cod off the coast of Canada - but a little further south, the story is less positive

Oct 28, 15

House of Representatives committee are demanding documents related to study that refuted global warming ‘hiatus’.

Oct 27, 15

Sulphate solar radiation management could help keep the incidence of Katrina-level hurricanes at roughly the rate we see today. And when these hurricanes do hit, their most devastating effect to coastal cities—storm surges—would be mitigated by 50 percent.

Oct 20, 15

Development alone can't explain rising storm costs, climate change is making them stronger and more frequent

Oct 19, 15

In case you missed it, two separate journalistic investigations are currently reporting that Exxon has known about the threat of global warming for over 35 years, and rather than raise the alarm, it has been sowing doubt. The damage that has caused is huge.

Oct 18, 15

At least 70 percent of Americans now believe that global warming during the last 40 years is real and supported by solid evidence, coinciding with the lowest percentage of Americans who doubt climate change,

Oct 13, 15

There's a lot of sense in this argument for how to ensure the world cuts its emissions

Sep 30, 15

This is an important and timely reality check on fracking - any economic benefits that may come are too costly on the climate front.

Sep 14, 15

One of those 'it seems obvious when it's pointed out' things - if policies like renewables obligations and feed-in-tariffs are already enacted, it makes efforts to introduce carbon prices more successful.

Sep 14, 15

If we continue to use fossil fuels, we could melt Antarctica, leading sea levels to rise an average of 3 metres a century during the first millennium

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