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Jan 25, 16

Achieved without increasing the cost of electricity, thus providing an economic incentive to tackle the problem of climate change"

Dec 30, 15

In a >4C warming world, the global economy "could be more than 20% smaller by 2100 than it would have been had temperatures remained fixed at today's values."

Dec 28, 15

Extreme weather will increase with global warming and thus climate adaptation measures, like flood defences, need to constantly be updated. What may appear to be sufficient to withstand a 1 in 100-year event can become quickly out of date as the incidence of extreme weather ramps up and becomes more unpredictable

Dec 25, 15

Leading scientists are arguing for nuclear to help fight global warming, but others disagree. Clearly there isn't consensus on everything!

Dec 14, 15

Heavier rain in winter is straining the UK's flood defences - and there is a “reasonable amount of confidence” among climate scientists that heavier storms in Britain may be linked to rising sea temperatures and changing winds in the north Atlantic

Dec 05, 15

Looks set for mention in agreement, without committing Europe and US to compensation

Dec 05, 15

Chennai is providing a great example of the tendency to overlook causes in favour of highlighting solidarity in potentially climate-related disasters

Nov 20, 15

On the geographical differences in climate politics in the US, and the influence of the regularity of natural damage

Nov 19, 15

Nice to see that we can worry less about some extreme sea level scenarios, not that the ones that are more likely are good though!

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