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Apr 23, 16

You may have seen the terrible news about the Great Barrier Reef. The same is happening in the Equatorial Pacific. Climate change is here folks.

Apr 21, 16

"Barring some major breakthrough that allows excess CO2 to be scrubbed from the air, it is currently an impossibility for us to reach the target of 350 ppm that many consider the threshold of dangerous climate change effects. I expect it will take at least 1,000 years before CO2 drops again below 350 ppm."

Apr 12, 16

"By 2040, renewable sources alone will have grown enough to offer about 13 terawatt-hours of energy, more than enough to satisfy 1990-level demands. But this is nowhere near enough to keep up with the incredible growth of global thirst for electricity."

Mar 16, 16

If awater quality issue was framed as being related to climate change, well-informed but politically-conservative participants became much less likely to support funding for an environmental science solution.

Mar 03, 16

Climate scientists are still working hard to refine our understanding of the climate system and sometimes they argue about it.

Temperatures are still going up, global warming didn’t “pause” or “stop” but continues on fast-forward and climate science denialists are still getting things horribly wrong.

Very little, in fact, has changed, except now you know the meaning of the word rodomontade.

Feb 28, 16

Forget our children’s future. Cutting carbon emissions is worth doing just for the immediate health benefits of lower air pollution. The value of the lives saved would vastly outstrip the implementation costs.

Feb 28, 16

"What is happening in the Arctic now is unprecedented and possibly catastrophic. "

Feb 14, 16

Unless there is a tax or price on carbon dioxide emissions, there will be no markets for the innovations that a research and development effort can provide.

Jan 25, 16

Achieved without increasing the cost of electricity, thus providing an economic incentive to tackle the problem of climate change"

Dec 30, 15

In a >4C warming world, the global economy "could be more than 20% smaller by 2100 than it would have been had temperatures remained fixed at today's values."

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