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Jun 29, 14

After setting up documents for students you can now grade assignments using a rubric.

Jun 29, 14

One more nice addition to assist teaching with Google Apps.

Jun 24, 14

Nadene Mathes Portaportal

  • Scientists use the term albedo to define the percentage of solar energy   reflected back by a surface.
  • top of the cloud reflects sunlight back into space before it ever reaches   earth.
  • Large, thick, relatively low-altitude clouds

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  • exploring the atmospheres of nearby planets and   discussing our atmosphere's greenhouse gases.
    • The earth's "greenhouse effect" is what makes this planet suitable   for life as we know it.
    • The earth's atmosphere contains trace gases, some of which absorb   heat. These gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and   nitrous oxide) are referred to as "greenhouse gases."
    • Albedo has an important influence on the earth's temperature.
    • Greenhouses are structures designed to retain heat.
    • The heat-trapping ability of a greenhouse is influenced by a number of factors   including the transparency of the greenhouse cover, color of the surfaces   inside the greenhouse, and type of surfaces inside.
  • Goldilocks Principle

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  • SAD #22 Hampden Academy Hampden, Maine
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