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Adam Babcock

Adam Babcock's Public Library

  • “You should never post anything negative about a teacher, coach, or others on social media because they could find it and you will feel foolish,” he said. “If my coach doesn’t play me in soccer, I should not post bad stuff about them. I could be kicked off the team.”

  • “Even if you think it is deleted, it can always be found… Ask yourself: is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind? If it’s not, you shouldn’t be posting it online. When you grow up, you use technology and your digital footprint to get you into jobs.”
  • There is a startling statistic that 93 percent of employers now use social media in some way to either recruit or hire employees. That means that if I don’t educate students about digital citizenship, they may end up having a poor or neutral digital footprint--which means they have a 7 percent chance of getting hired.

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