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Transition from Delicious to Diigo ~ Instruction & FAQ

Why Diigo?

In short, you can do (almost) everything on Diigo that you can do on, plus more. See a 2-min video overview.

What you will find familiar in Diigo?

  • - tagging
  • - private/public bookmarks
  • - follow bookmarks from a network of people
  • - see popular bookmarks by tags
  • - import and export bookmarks
  • - automatically post your bookmarks to your blog daily or weekly

What can you do with Diigo that you cannot with Delicious?


  • - save bookmarks as private by default (optional)
  • - organize your bookmarks as a list and shown as a slide
  • - set up groups to pool resources and curate content
  • - automatically bookmark your twitter favorites
  • - keep a full-text copy of your bookmarks (Premium features)
  • - full-text search of your bookmarks (Premium features)
  • - save notes and images, in addition to bookmarks


  • - use highlights and sticky notes as you read - do not just bookmark
  • - capture a portion of the screen and annotate on the screenshot

What can you do with Delicious that you cannot with Diigo?

Diigo does not support tag bundles. Delicious organizes bookmarks by tags, and tags by bundles. Diigo organizes bookmarks by tags, lists and groups.

What browsers does Diigo support?

  • - fully developed extensions for Chrome, Firefox and IE
  • - mini-extension for Safari
  • - a bookmarklet for all browsers and for people who do not like to install extension

What Mobile platforms does Diigo support?

Diigo provides apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad (coming soon), so you can access and input notes and bookmarks on these devices. There is also a bookmarklet for Ipad Safari which enables you to bookmark and highlight webpages. These apps are being actively developed.

How do I cross post from Diigo to Delicious?

Diigo's "Save to delicious" feature (found under Tools once you login) allows you to simultaneously add your new bookmarks to delicious. With this feature enabled, you can start using Diigo as your primary bookmarking service and take advantage of all its advanced features, while keeping your delicious account updated.

How do I move my bookmarks from Delicious to Diigo?

Will my bookmarks be preserved as I move from Delicious to Diigo?

Yes, tags, title, description and privacy will all be preserved.

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