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Web Highlighter for iPad Safari

- Make your Safari feel like iBooks!

Web highlighter for iPad Safari has the following features:

  • Highlight the webpage, just like in iBooks

  • Bookmark the page with tags

  • Add sticky note

  • Store bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes in your diigo account

To install web highlighter for iPad Safari:

Create a bookmark on iPad Safari's bookmark bar using the following as web address

To do this, you have to first create a bookmark on the bookmark bar, using any web address and name it properly, e.g. Web Highlighter, and then revise the web address of that bookmark using the code snip above. ( If you come from the setting of Diigo iPad App, the snip should already be copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted.)

The following is a detailed step-by-step Instructions » .

To Highlight a webpage:

  1. Tap the Web Highlighter bookmarklet and a toolbar will show up

  2. Select some text, then click the Highlight button in the toolbar

  3. You can change the highlight color by tapping the highlighted text