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  • Diigo Community

    4321 members, 9091 items

    Share your review, tips, tricks, and ideas for using Diigo here, and discuss our features, ideas for new features, anything Diigo related. Note that bookmarks posted to this group have no relation to 'Hot Bookmarks from the Diigo Community'.

  • Information Security

    133 members, 251 items

    All things information security, information assurance, and security engineering.

  • Lifestream Resources

    37 members, 116 items

    A lifestream is an online record of activities that is generally created with a variety of RSS feeds from social media and networking sites.

  • Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner

    63 members, 123 items

    This is a group for people interested in Larry Anderson's panel session for NECC entitled Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner. Share your podcasting resources and ideas here!

  • PowerShell

    254 members, 353 items

    A place to share links related to Windows PowerShell scripting and development.

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