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  • Vietnam’s Nuclear Dreams Blossom Despite Doubts - on Mar 11, 12
    • ssia,
    • Japan is expected to use its overseas development assistance to Vietnam to build roads, ports and other infrastructure to support the nuclear plant.
    • Critics said that Japan and other nuclear powers were desperate to sell plants to developing nations as dreams of a nuclear renaissance in advanced economies have dried up since the Fukushima disaster.

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  • Vietnam’s Nuclear Dreams Blossom Despite Doubts - on Mar 11, 12
    • “bad safety culture”
    • “bad safety culture”
    • “bad safety culture”

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  • Lessons from Fukushima: new Greenpeace report a warning on nuclear risks | Greenpeace International on Mar 08, 12
    • After living through the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, and Fukushima again last year, I told myself repeatedly that disasters like these must never ever happen again.
    • three independent experts (a nuclear physicist, a correspondent for a health publication and a nuclear engineer),
    • the government, regulators and the nuclear industry enabled the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and then failed to protect the people

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  • Chernobyl: the unbearable lightness of human lives | Greenpeace International on Mar 08, 12
    • why don't you just move out of the area?"
    • the majority of the community do not want to leave. Their family and relatives are all here."
    • Maria and Ivan live in the village Paryshiv, close to the destroyed power plant. They were evacuated shortly after the accident,

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  • Chernobyl: distorted reality, and unanswered questions | Greenpeace International on Mar 08, 12
    • Ukraine government needs to spend between six to eight percent of the fiscal budget to cope with the consequences of Chernobyl.
    • ow tens of thous
    • need to be sent away every year to

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  • Monetary policy: Preventing collapse isn't enough | The Economist on Feb 16, 12
    • additional bond purchases were needed to address the immediate weakness in the economy, which meant inflation would otherwise fall below its 2% target in the medium term.
    • Unemployment has been rising; it is up 0.4 percentage points from June. Inflation has been fallin
    • As everyone understands, struggling peripheral economies must find a way to boost their net exports.

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  • European joblessness: Armies of the unemployed | The Economist on Feb 16, 12
    • Both economies saw a surge in the unemployment rate that topped out above 10%,
    • slow but steady decline in the rate of joblessness.
    • the unemployment rate in the single-currency area was back to 10.3%.

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  • Ten years of China in the WTO: Shades of grey | The Economist on Feb 12, 12
    • customs duties
    • farmers exposed to foreign competition.
    • world’s greatest exporter

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  • Coal: “Externalities” Can be Positive, Not Only Negative — MasterResource on Feb 12, 12
    • FULL COST of coal makes “wind, solar, and other forms of nonfossil fuel power generation … economically competitive.”
    • externalities from coal-fuelled electricity are only slightly negative, and perhaps even positive.
  • Grinchonomics – or “how the Economist stole Christmas” | Economics in Plain English on Feb 12, 12
    • e inefficiency of spending hours shopping for gifts, i
    • less benefit than a purchase they themselves make

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