Atty, legal educator, writer, and tech enthusiast. I have taught legal research, writing, law & motion practice, pre-trial procedures, appellate advocacy and more to both paralegals and law students since 1999. I currently teach at Santa Rosa Jr. College in the Paralegal Studies Dept.

I am interested in philosophy,history,sociology,linguistics,logic,teaching,writing,all kinds of technology. My favorite music are 80's music,Celtic,Irish,world music. Movies: Shawshank Redemption; August Rush; Dead Poet's Society; Boondock Saints; Lord of the Rings Trilogy. TV: News and that's about it; MSNBC for now. Books: Too many to recount here. My Heroes are My mom and my grandma. My grandma got married the day before the stock market crashed in 1929. The day after,she considered herself lucky that she had 7 cents in her pocket and a part-time job as a grocery checker at a local grocer. She always told me that,back then,she could buy herself something to eat for lunch with that kind of money. My mom showed grace and tenacity in the face of almost insurmountable obstacles at time,often thrown in her way by those who felt threatened by her good looks,her wit,her smarts,and her fiery Irish temper. She raised me to be self-reliant and not self-absorbed. They were my first teachers; I miss them both very much..

I use Diigo because It is well-conceived, well-designed, and allows me to obtain cutting-edge information on many subjects. In particular, it is very useful for keeping me abreast of technology for educational uses.

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