We are not "pedophile sympathizers" and do not condone abuse in any form! We are ex-offenders, parents, children, husbands, wives & friends of those forced to wear the modern day Scarlet Letter! The purpose of our blog is to help ex-offenders keep up-to-date on the laws that affect them.

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  • False Accusers / Wrongly Accused

    3 members, 260 items

    This group contains articles from around the web of people who have been falsely accused or wrongly accused of a crime. We mainly post about sex crimes, but from time to time we will post other articles as well.

  • Police Sex Crimes & Other Scandals

    1 members, 444 items

    Documenting the other sex crimes you may not always hear about in the news by celebrities, politicians, police, probation, and other government workers.

  • Sex Offender Resources

    4 members, 148 items

    This group is to contain links and notes about web sites, blogs, video channels, Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles/pages, etc, for those who are working to reform/repeal the draconian sex offender laws.NOTE: Please only add links to sex offender related resources, or the item may be deleted without notice.

  • Sex Offender Studies

    2 members, 134 items

    This group is to contain only links, comments, etc about studies pertaining to sex offenders, laws, residency, registration, etc.NOTE: Please only add links to studies pertaining to sex offenders to this group, or the item may be deleted without notice.

  • Vigilantism of Sex Offenders

    2 members, 411 items

    This group will contain links to news articles, comments, blogs, Facebook and other pages where people in the general public post slander, libel or just plain hateful comments pertaining to sex offenders, or to document the ever increasing deaths, suicides, beatings and other crimes by or to ex-sex offenders, or those who falsely accuse someone of a sex related crime.

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