A high school English teacher in the Salisbury Township School District, I incorporate technology integration and academic literacy in interdisciplinary contexts, teaching and learning with my students in global collaborative initiatives. A Keystone Technology Integrator, Star Discovery Educator,...

I am interested in animals,Audible books,Web 2.0 tools,emerging technologies,Discovery Educator Network,film,photography. My favorite music are Verdi and Pucini operas; Strauss waltzes; Miles Davis and Gil Evans; retro 60s pop,Prokifiev,Earth Wind and Fire,Marvin Gaye,The Spinners,Barry White. Movies: Casablanca,Ferris Buehler's Day Off,The Breakfast Club,Thin Man series with Mryna Loy and William Powell,anything with Bogert,Cary Grant,Spencer Tracey,Audrey Hepburn,Bette Davis. TV: BBC America Mysteries--anything with Rob Greene; Men in Trees. Books: The World is Flat; A Whole New Mind; Carl Hiaason books,A Girl of the Limberlost.

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