Leading Steve's Garage, network of classes for children, youth to build electronic gadgets around Arduino.
Management Technologist. Hi Tech & Social Entrepreneur.

I am interested in entrepreneur,management technologist,Internet veteran.

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  • Classroom 2.0

    7283 members, 17749 items

    A place for members of www.Classroom20.com to share links, Classroom 2.0 is social networking site devoted to those interested in the practical application of computer technology (especially Web 2.0) in the classroom and in their own professional development.

  • Climate Change

    20 members, 61 items

    Climate change and related issues

  • Critical Thinking

    88 members, 179 items

    Gathering resources to help promote the idea of critical thinking, crap detection, information authority, and getting to the bottom of the truth of ideas and stories. These resources will be shared at the 2010 ISTE conference in the session on Critical Thinking led by Howard Rheingold.

  • Essay Writers

    20 members, 84 items

    There is no dearth of Essay Writers nowadays mainly because of the fact that there are so many writing jobs available.

  • SOStravelers

    1 members, 17 items

    Stranded travelers need help on an individual and collective basis.

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