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  • Burkina Faso: Blaise Compaoré and the politics of personal enrichment – By Peter Dí¶rrie | African Arguments about 8 hours ago
  • Gaddafi’s ‘African mercenaries’: Myth or reality? | Pambazuka News about 23 hours ago
  • Chileans Defend Critical Thinking as Officials Consider Changing High School Philosophy Class · Global Voices on Sep 20, 16
    • Even though this news has generated controversy within Chile, it is perhaps important to remember that just one year ago Spain said goodbye to philosophy in their schools. This could suggest that the spaces for teaching humanities and critical thinking as we know them are experiencing radical changes.
  • Chile: the philosophical question | openDemocracy on Sep 20, 16
    • In Chile, social networks, academia, and the general public have been abuzz with the news that philosophy might be removed from the list of required subjects for high school juniors and seniors.


    • In an endless stream of messages, Chileans have been expressing their opinion on what some consider a step that is consistent with the state of education in the country, with its high costs and its structure devoted to satisfying only economic requirements.
    • Even though this piece of news has generated a great deal of controversy in Chile, it is important to remember that just one year ago Spain said goodbye to philosophy in their schools, highlighting the fact that the spaces for teaching humanities and critical thinking as we know them are experiencing radical changes globally.
  • Thoughts About International Players in Burkina Faso: Zen about Zida to Can-do Kafondo | Mining Awareness + on Sep 18, 16
    • Mining related revenue reported as received by Burkina Faso’s treasury in 2013 appears to significantly exceed debt service: 290 million euros (364 million $) mining revenue to the treasury in 2013 compared to service of the debt at 141 million euros in 2012. 149 million euros (187 million US dollars) difference or enough to give every man, woman and child in Burkina Faso eleven dollars. This is for many mines, not just these two.
    • Probably most important is the suggestion that in the post-Compaoré period there would be an audit of mining revenues. In this context the recent (Aug. 6) suspicious looking bankruptcy-liquidation of the UK’s Amara, formerly Cluff, Gold’s Burkina Faso subsidiary (Seguénéga Mining SA (“SMSA”) appears interesting. Additionally declaring Force Majeure due to a coup would allow other, perhaps failing, mining companies to receive insurance monies.
    • Probable Amara Sega extension to Kalsaka Mine, zoom of upper left corner.
       The biggest institutional investor of Amara is (or was) reportedly the rather mysterious Franklin Advisers, Inc. which is a privately owned investment manager in San Mateo, California. The biggest fund investor is (or was) reportedly Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund.

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  • AFRICA INVESTMENT-The Swiss commodities connection in African poverty | Reuters on Sep 18, 16
    • For mineral-rich Burkina Faso, a west African gold producer, 100 percent of its exports to Switzerland over this period, accounting for 15 percent of all exports, also "vanished".

      This all adds to the levels of opacity associated with Switzerland, and the companies involved have not come under the kind of international pressure for disclosure that has been exerted on the country's famously secretive banks.

  • Gold Mining, Poverty, Debt, Militarism and Revolt in Burkina Faso | Mining Awareness + on Sep 18, 16
    • The purchasing of military equipment contributes to the debt.  Debt, of course, encourages the siphoning off of resources, such as gold. Additionally, it appears that Burkina is also being used as a base for both French and US Special Ops.  Nonetheless, the departure of Compaoré in Burkina Faso is a historic moment.  Unfortunately, Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose.
    • Strange thing is that around half of the people are in poverty and around half of its exports is gold. But, the World Bank, when speaking of Burkina’s “Debt Performance”, talks of cotton, and not a word is found about gold: “May 2008, GOVERNMENT DEBT MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE REPORT – BURKINA FASO“.
    • Last June Reuters informed us that from 2007 to 2010, “For mineral-rich Burkina Faso, a west African gold producer, 100 percent of its exports to Switzerland over this period, accounting for 15 percent of all exports, also ‘vanished“. “AFRICA INVESTMENT-The Swiss commodities connection in African poverty,” Fri, 27 Jun 20, 2014, (Reuters)

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  • Burkina Faso: Ghost of 'Africa's Che Guevara' - Al Jazeera English on Sep 18, 16
    • His government spurned foreign aid and tried to stamp out the influence of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in the country by adopting debt reduction policies and nationalising all land and mineral wealth.
    • Compaore, though, has had some success. The mining industry has seen a boost in recent years, with the copper, iron and manganese markets all improving. Gold production shot up by 32 percent in 2011 at six sites, according to figures from the mines ministry, making Burkina Faso the fourth-largest gold producer in Africa.
    • "Sankara had many enemies because he wrested privileges from looters in favour of the poor," Yabré said. "Maybe he did this too radically and within too short a time."
  • Inside The Global “Club” That Helps Executives Escape Their Crimes - BuzzFeed News on Sep 15, 16
    • “I think the impact of international arbitration,” Khalil said, was that Egyptians “started knowing that, ‘Oops, if we try to expose corruption, then those investors will take us to court internationally, and we will lose the case. Which means we had better just shut up and let the wrongs of Mubarak continue the way they are.’”
  • Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored on Sep 15, 16

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