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  • NGO-graphies: On Knowledge Production and Contention | Savage Minds about 3 hours ago
    • the term “fetishize” had judgmental connotations and suggesting that the phrase “local knowledge” is a neutral, technical term that refers to practically-oriented understandings of phenomena prevalent at the community level
    • Others replied, agreeing that
  • Tribute to Professor Sam Moyo, a Great Intellectual, and a Man of Integrity / CODESRIA on Nov 26, 15
  • Isis: In a borderless world, the days when we could fight foreign wars and be safe at home may be long gone | Middle East | News | The Independent on Nov 25, 15
  • The believer: How an introvert became the leader of the Islamic State | Brookings Institution on Nov 24, 15
  • The Disaster of Greek Austerity, Part 2 » TripleCrisis on Nov 24, 15
    • European Union officials have categorically ruled out any possibility of a debt write-down. Restructuring in the form of a lengthening of maturity or perhaps a lowering of interest rates is still on the table, but it would have very debatable long-term results.
    • “People would take to the streets because they hoped they could make an actual difference,” she says. “Now it is clear that our hopes were false.”


      That said, so far the only coherent argument about how Greece could adopt an anti-bailout strategy has been presented by Popular Unity, a new political front that includes SYRIZA’s left wing that split from the party by refusing to accept the new bailout. However, Popular Unity has failed to convince Greek voters and did not gain parliamentary representation.

  • Violence comes home: an interview with Arun Kundnani | openDemocracy on Nov 24, 15
    • President Obama continues to rely on the authorization to give his drone-killing programme a veneer of legality. This is the old colonial formula of liberal values at home sustained by a hidden illiberalism in the periphery – where routine extra-judicial killing is normalised.
    • colonial history teaches us that violence always ‘comes home’ in some form: whether as refugees seeking sanctuary, whether as the re-importing of authoritarian practices first practised in colonial settings, or indeed as terrorism.
    • What results is a mutual reinforcing of the militarized identity narrative on both sides: the jihadists point to numerous speeches by western leaders to support their claim of a war on Islam; and western leaders legitimise war with talk of a ‘generational struggle’ between western values and Islamic extremism. What is striking today is the tired rhetoric of military aggression – Hollande’s “pitiless war” – once again recycled, despite the obvious failures of the past 14 years.

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  • Educators Challenge Pearson’s Corporate Take-Over | PopularResistance.Org on Nov 23, 15
  • Court ruling deals major blow to media freedom and Inter-American body - Reporters Without Borders on Nov 23, 15
    • The ban is the result of a defamation case that Belinda Flores Mendoza, the former dean of the economics faculty at the Autonomous National University of Honduras, brought against Alvarado for reporting supreme court charges against her on his TV Globo programme “Mi Nación.”
  • Journalist’s work ban takes effect, setting bad precedent in Honduras - Reporters Without Borders on Nov 23, 15
    • he ban is the result of a December 2013 criminal defamation prosecution in response to a complaint filed against Alvarado in 2006 by Belinda Flores Mendoza, the former dean of the economics faculty at the Autonomous National University of Honduras, after he reported on his show that she was the subject of charges before the supreme court.
  • I cite: Campus protests: struggle and safety on Nov 23, 15
    • That said, the rhetoric of safe spaces, vulnerability, and civility does seem part of the current moment. Why? Gitlin too quickly dismisses political economic considerations -- the enormity of student debt, diminished economic prospects, loss of rewarding work, and intensified financial insecurity facing this generation of students. He notes, only to discard, the surveillance part of contemporary life. I think these political economic factors are more important than Gitlin allows. They establish the terms through which the students are voicing their critique. Students frame their opposition in a language of safety and vulnerability because that is the language available to them after forty years of neoliberalism and in the second decade of the war on terror.
    • Some universities present themselves as caring, as providing mental health services and a personalized environment that will help students meet their individual needs and goals. For the most part, this is advertising -- as everybody knows. The reality is  stress, debt, the reproduction of privilege, and, for some, a few years of extreme partying.
    • What's innovative in the last round of protests is the weaponization of safety and vulnerability. Think cultural revolution rather than therapy, hundreds and thousands of students on campus after campus rejecting the status quo and demanding change. The attack on privilege is an attack on hierarchies of race and class, waged in the language available to those told they live in a post-racial society offering no alternative to capitalism.

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    A collection of online resources for learning about the history and circumstances of Haiti.

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  • anti-authoritarian

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    Our everyday life is permeated with power plays, strive for and and-or intrusion of authority that is maintainable through coercion or manipulation. If we try to understand this, resist power plays by other individual, organizations and state-authorities, we can achieve and spread genuine freedom.

  • Burkina Faso Exploitation-Resistance

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    The legacy of Thomas Sankara; social mobilization; Compaore's legacy of pro-Western authoritarian "light-handedness"

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