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  • Pambazuka - Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: What a sense of mission! on Feb 23, 15
    • Sobukwe was arrested in Soweto, Johannesburg, in 1960 and subsequently imprisoned for organising and leading the March 21, 1960 anti-pass march. It was a peaceful protest against an indentification card that was mandatory for Africans under the apartheid regime. The march culminated in the settler-colonial regime massacre of people at Sharpeville and Langa townships of present-day Gauteng and Western Cape respectively. While wee may probably never be able to hear Sobukwe’s voice again because the settler-colonial regime ensured he remains silent beyond his grave by banning him and destroying the audio material containing his voice, his ideas remain. We wish we could hear him talk.
    • there had to be an African democratic government
    • there had to be rapid extension of industrial development to help, among other things, alleviate pressure on the land as well as ensure full development of the human personality in a socialist context.

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  • Pambazuka News : Issue 714 (Revolution and Pan-Africanism) on Feb 23, 15
    • A cursory study of Malcolm’s life quickly illustrates the reasons behind his popularity and the desire of so many to move him into their political camps. Malcolm’s well-documented journey from street hustler to world renowned spokesperson and organiser for African liberation reflects the hard work and determination that many of us can only dream about. His fearlessness in articulating the problems of white supremacy and capitalism and his unique ability to take difficult political and economic concepts and break them down for common consumption and understanding were skills that motivated millions since Malcolm first joined the Nation in the 1950s.
    • Malcolm’s final speeches are filled with invectives for Africans in the US to stop expecting freedom in the US, while Africa was subjugated because Africa’s freedom was dependent upon releasing the very same forces that keep Africans in the US oppressed. Malcolm characterised this reality with his statements that Africa “is at the centre of our liberation” and that socialism is “the system all people in the world seem to be coming around to”.
    • The writing on the wall had been provided to Malcolm by his meeting Pan-Africanists like Kwame Nkrumah and Sekou Toure. For anyone who doubts the impact these meetings had on Malcolm’s thinking all one has to do is read his own words in his autobiography. Malcolm described his meetings with Nkrumah as “the highlight of my travels” and “the highest honour of my life”. These words are true despite those meetings being ignored in Spike Lee’s 1992 biopic film and in pretty much everything else portrayed about Malcolm’s life.

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  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake

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    A collection of online resources for learning about the history and circumstances of Haiti.

  • Africom

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  • anti-authoritarian

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    Our everyday life is permeated with power plays, strive for and and-or intrusion of authority that is maintainable through coercion or manipulation. If we try to understand this, resist power plays by other individual, organizations and state-authorities, we can achieve and spread genuine freedom.

  • Burkina Faso Exploitation-Resistance

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    The legacy of Thomas Sankara; social mobilization; Compaore's legacy of pro-Western authoritarian "light-handedness"

  • Cameroon-Contestation-consent

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