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  • Solidarity or self-interest: Ecuador and oil in the age of climate change - Oil Change InternationalOil Change International on Mar 25, 15
  • Henry A. Giroux | Higher Education and the Politics of Disruption on Mar 22, 15
    • We live at a time when it is more crucial than ever to believe that the university is both a public trust and social good. At best, it is a critical institution infused with the promise of cultivating intellectual insight, the imagination, inquisitiveness, risk-taking, social responsibility and the struggle for justice.
    • This loss of faith in the power of politics, public dialogue and dissent is not unrelated to the diminished belief in higher education as central to producing critically engaged, civically literate and socially responsible citizens. At stake here are not only the meaning and purpose of higher education, but also civil society, politics and the fate of democracy itself. And yet, under the banner of right-wing reforms, the only questions being asked about knowledge production, the purpose of education, the nature of politics and the future are determined largely by market forces.
    • The question of what kind of education is needed for students to be informed and active citizens in a world that increasingly ignores their needs, if not their future, is rarely asked. (7) In the absence of a democratic vision of schooling, it is not surprising that some colleges and universities are increasingly opening their classrooms to corporate interests, standardizing the curriculum, instituting top-down governing structures that mimic corporate culture and generating courses that promote entrepreneurial values unfettered by social concerns or ethical consequences.

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  • Background Notes for Death of a Yuppie Dream | ROSA LUXEMBURG STIFTUNG NYC on Mar 21, 15
  • A Political Crackdown at University of North Carolina - The New Yorker on Mar 21, 15
  • Striking back against neoliberal education in Toronto | ROAR Magazine on Mar 21, 15
    • In order to acquire the habit of valorizing themselves through personal “investment” in their (unforeseeable) futures, they are taught to make an enterprise of themselves, engaging incessantly (and anxiously) in acts of self-marketing. As such, an audit-culture is instituted in the neoliberal university through an ethos of indebtedness whereby student-debtors are incessantly interpolated as manager-professionals split between the contrarian injunction to embrace risk and the prudent warning to take precautions against making bad investments.
  • The Geopolitics of GMOs » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names on Mar 20, 15
  • Revealed: Gates Foundation's $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments | Environment | The Guardian on Mar 20, 15
  • Ukraine Denouement » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names on Mar 20, 15
    • International debt settlement rules were thrown into a turmoil last year when U.S. Judge Griesa gave a highly idiosyncratic interpretation of the pari passu clause with regard to Argentina’s sovereign debts. The clause states that all creditors must be treated equally. According to Griesa (uniquely), this means that if any creditor or vulture fund refuses to participate in a debt writedown, no such agreement can be reached and the sovereign government cannot pay any bondholders anywhere in the world, regardless of what foreign jurisdiction the bonds were issued under.
    • This is why the IMF has been wrong in its economic forecasts for Ukraine year after year, just as its prescriptions have devastated Ireland and Greece, and Third World economies from the 1970s onward. Its destructive financial policy must be seen as deliberate, not an innocent forecasting error. But the penalty for following this junk economics must be paid by the indebted victim.
    • We can now see why the EU/IMF austerity plan that Yanukovich rejected made it clear why the United States sponsored last February’s coup in Kiev. The austerity that was called for, the removal of consumer subsidies and dismantling of public services would have led to an anti-West reaction turning Ukraine strongly back toward Russia.
  • Israelis Vote to Abandon All Pretense of Seeking Peace » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names on Mar 20, 15
  • U. S. Interventions in Venezuela, Peru, and Paraguay » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names on Mar 20, 15
    • Peruvian academician and drug policy expert Roberto Soberon insists the United States intends to “retake the initiative in South America and implement a more visible military presence in the Andes and Western Pacific always taking into account open and covert actions developing in Venezuela and other countries that distance themselves from Washington.” The United States has “capabilities for intervening automatically in scenarios of socio-political convulsion.” He worries about U.S. targeting of “social organizations that are protesting, [especially] against the presence of mining and/or petroleum companies.”
    • U.S. military planners, however, had not taken on a new worldview of beneficence. Two days before the opening, Paraguay’s defense minister met with U. S. Defense Attaché Bárbara Fick and Rear Admiral George Balance. They discussed increased military cooperation, and Admiral Balance requested that Paraguayan soldiers attend U.S. military schools on scholarships. Drug war cooperation was mentioned.
    • Southern Command head Major General John Kelly responded to a reporter’s question about whether or not events in Caracas on February 12, 2015 represented a coup attempt, as Venezuelan leaders allege.


      “A coup? You know, I don’t know anyone that would want to take that mess over, but it might be that we see, whether it’s at the end of his term or whatever, I wouldn’t say — I wouldn’t (say) necessarily a coup, but there might be with — the same ruling party … some arrangements to change leadership.”

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    A collection of online resources for learning about the history and circumstances of Haiti.

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    Our everyday life is permeated with power plays, strive for and and-or intrusion of authority that is maintainable through coercion or manipulation. If we try to understand this, resist power plays by other individual, organizations and state-authorities, we can achieve and spread genuine freedom.

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    The legacy of Thomas Sankara; social mobilization; Compaore's legacy of pro-Western authoritarian "light-handedness"

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