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  • The crisis in European social democracy: a crisis like no other | openDemocracy on May 21, 16
    • Finally, the doors of companies and offices should be flung open to democracy by promoting the greater participation of stakeholders. The challenges of social and ecological transition will not be met without an appreciation of democracy in all spheres of society.


      If we are looking to a future that will address the challenges of the twenty-first century, social democracy needs to be overhauled. The undertaking would radically surpass any reform carried out to date. The economic and social crisis, and especially the ecological crisis, could provide social democracy with new opportunities to establish itself on a scale broader than that of the nation-state.

    • Identifying the tools that characterized social democracy in its heyday - the post-war boom period – gives us some preliminary clues as to the depth of the current crisis facing European social democratic parties.
    • From the perspective of social and ecological transition, we must reject policies of job creation and wealth distribution focusing on growth via a productivity untroubled by its environmental impacts. While prosperity is still possible, it can be achieved without conventional growth, which is avoidable.

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  • It’s the Data, Stupid: What Elsevier’s purchase of SSRN also means | Savage Minds on May 21, 16
  • Brands, Organizations Criticize ‘Fashion Transparency Index’ – WWD on May 18, 16
    • the index was based on methodology that immediately stirred criticism. WWD contacted a series of industry organizations that work on sustainability initiatives but they declined to comment. A spokesperson from one of the organizations said “it is really hard to comment on research that is so poorly executed and tells us nothing.”
    • In a statement, a Chanel spokesman questioned the report, stating that it only highlights how well companies communicate their sustainability initiatives.


      “This index in no way measures actions regarding social, societal and environmental responsibility, but only evaluates the communication policies of brands relative to these topics. Like three-quarters of the companies questioned, if Chanel chose not to answer the questionnaire, it is because the reality of our actions seems more important to us than any related media coverage.

    • The group said it took more than a year to put together the research. According to the organization, the survey revealed an absence in long-term thinking in brands’ sustainability strategies, with only 40 percent of the companies surveyed having a system in place to monitor labor standards.
  • on May 18, 16
  • About the Accord | The Bangladesh Accord on May 18, 16
  • Scores Dead in Bangladesh Building Collapse - The New York Times on May 18, 16
  • The price of fashion’s murky supply chains - SciDev.Net on May 18, 16
    • There has been some backlash to this methodology from luxury brands such as Chanel and Fendi, which fared particularly badly on the index. Chanel replied that the “reality of our actions seems more important to us than any related media coverage”.
    • But, as Moore tells me, this goes against the idea of transparency. Companies should be making clear how — and how far — they monitor supply chains, she explains. Transparency is essential, Moore says, to tackle the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ culture in the fashion industry.
    • And beyond it, things get considerably worse. “When we started asking to drill down below sewing factories, companies didn’t seem to know,” Moore says. Only two of the surveyed companies published details of second-tier suppliers, which include fabric and yarn mills. And more than half published no details of monitoring processes for raw materials such as cotton.

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  • IRIN | The migrants taking on a warzone on May 18, 16
  • Nestlé Just Gained Control Over This Town's Water for 45 Years on May 14, 16
  • DFID makes the right noises over Ebola lessons - SciDev.Net on May 14, 16

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  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake

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    A collection of online resources for learning about the history and circumstances of Haiti.

  • Africom

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  • anti-authoritarian

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    Our everyday life is permeated with power plays, strive for and and-or intrusion of authority that is maintainable through coercion or manipulation. If we try to understand this, resist power plays by other individual, organizations and state-authorities, we can achieve and spread genuine freedom.

  • Burkina Faso Exploitation-Resistance

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    The legacy of Thomas Sankara; social mobilization; Compaore's legacy of pro-Western authoritarian "light-handedness"

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