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  • Justices to Consider Whether State Gun Laws Violate Second Amendment - on Oct 01, 09
    •  Washington Post Staff Writer 
       Thursday, October 1, 2009
    • The Supreme Court set up a historic decision on gun control Wednesday, saying it will rule on whether restrictive state and local laws violate the Second Amendment right to gun ownership that it recognized last year.
  • Harvard Proposal to Publish Scholarly Research Free on the Internet - New York Times on Feb 13, 08
    • Publish or perish has long been the burden of every aspiring university professor. But the question the Harvard faculty will decide on Tuesday is whether to publish — on the Web, at least — free.

      Faculty members are scheduled to vote on a measure that would permit Harvard to distribute their scholarship online, instead of signing exclusive agreements with scholarly journals that often have tiny readerships and high subscription costs.

      Although the outcome of Tuesday’s vote would apply only to Harvard’s arts and sciences faculty, the impact, given the university’s prestige, could be significant for the open-access movement, which seeks to make scientific and scholarly research available to as many people as possible at no cost.

  • How toilet-to-tap programs could help preserve our water supply. - By Eilene Zimmerman - Slate Magazine on Jan 28, 08
  • The "Google generation" not so hot at Googling, after all on Jan 22, 08
    •  A new UK report on the habits of the "Google Generation" finds that kids born since 1993 aren't quite the Internet super-sleuths they're sometimes made out to be. For instance, are teens better with technology than older adults? Perhaps, but they also "tend to use much simpler applications and fewer facilities than many imagine."  


       The report (PDF), sponsored by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee, tries to get beyond the stereotypes to find out just how good young people are with information technology, and what the implications are for schools and libraries. Based on log analysis from British Library web sites and search tools, along with a "virtual" longitudinal study based on literature reviews from the past 30 years, the report explodes a number of myths about students today.

  • Seth Leibsohn on Gaza on National Review Online on Jan 09, 08
  • Planet Gore on National Review Online on Jan 09, 08
    • How Many Lobbyists...   [Henry Payne]

      ...Tim Carney asks, does it take to change the light bulb.

      Had Thomas Edison employed the same business strategy as his 21st-Century heirs at General Electric, he would have lobbied Congress to outlaw the candle in 1879 when he perfected and patented the light bulb.

      Environmentalism, once again, turns out to be a for-profit business.

      On Dec. 18, the day the bill cleared its biggest hurdle and passed the Senate, GE’s stock jumped 8.8 percent, and Philips jumped 2.1 percent...GE makes its CFLs and other fancy light bulbs in China, while it makes its incandescents in the United States. The light bulb law will ship more American jobs offshore, shift manufacturing to China’s dirtier and less efficient factories, and increase shipping distances. Add in the mercury (in the CFL bulbs), and it’s not clear how good this law is for the environment. Its clearest benefit is to the companies who lobbied for it.

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  • The Corner on National Review Online on Mar 22, 08
  • salvidor dali painting of Christ - Google Search on Dec 26, 07
  • Links in stickynotes - links - Diigo Community | Diigo Groups Forum on Dec 22, 07
  • FirstSearch: ArticleFirst Advanced Search on Dec 20, 07

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