Michael has owned and operated Perkolate for 10 years and has worked in the marketing and design fields for over 15 years. He has extensive experience successfully strategizing and executing marketing communications plans and online and print materials including major website launches.

I am interested in Marketing,Technology,Internet,Website Design,Las Vegas,Traveling,Camping. My favorite music are Shawn Colvin,Sting.. TV: Lost,Mad Men.

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  • Mobile Web

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    All about the mobile web, usability, user experience, small screen user interfaces, what's possible now, where we're heading to.

  • Nevada Legislature

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    A group for sharing news articles, white papers, and other documents that can inform the Nevada Legislature. This is a non-partisan group, and open to all with a constructive desire to contribute to the legislative process.

  • Twitter Freaks

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    YOU MUST INDICATE WHY YOU ARE JOINING THE GROUP OR I WILL NOT APPROVE YOU. DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS HERE; DO NOT SHARE LINKS THAT ARE UNRELATED TO USING TWITTER.Share your Twitter resources here! <br /><br />Make sure to indicate why you want to join when you request membership. If you have few Diigo friends, few bookmarks or questionable bookmarks and do not give a reason for joining, I'm likely to think you are a spammer and will decline your membership. We've had issues with people spamming this group and I'm trying to avoid misuse of this group.

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