Director, IT-Client Support and Services, University of Delaware

Special interests include Internet uses, safety and new applications.

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  • Here Are Four Ways To Make Incredibly Beautiful Desserts With Puff Pastry on Jun 01, 16
  • A Western Civilization History Course In 40 Audiobooks on Apr 11, 16
  • Okami FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by Banjo_2553 - GameFAQs on Apr 16, 16
    • He's Komuso, and he apparently can see demons and gods,  whereas other people can't. He gives you a challenge to defeat the enemies that ambush you within 12 seconds or less.
    • It's hard,  but you need to wall jump up the rafters to the chest. The best way I can see  is to wall jump from the rock on the right while facing the path that leads   down to the village. You will have to jump from it while +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ under the rafters and carefully land up there. Open the | STRAY BEAD #2 | chest for the Bead! There's another chest higher up | ACQUIRED |'s extremely hard to get up there as of now, +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ so I would wait until we have a new ability before  getting that. It'll save us the hassle.
    • As thanks, you'll get 7 Praise. Also, she'll make some Cherry Cakes tonight, so let's be sure to come back to her house when it's night! Anot

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  • Kim Philby: The third man's best friend breaks his silence - Telegraph on Mar 01, 16
  • Trust No One - The New Yorker on Mar 01, 16
  • A Spy Among Friends - Discussion Questions - LitLovers on Feb 29, 16
  • Maybe Matilda: Plush Bunny Teething Ring (Free Crochet Pattern!) on Feb 26, 16
  • Little Pig Pattern | Miss Dolkapots Krafties on Feb 26, 16
  • Animals | Miss Dolkapots Krafties on Feb 25, 16
  • Amish-Puzzle-Ball2.jpg (1081×812) on Feb 19, 16

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