Otmane El Rhazi is a Citi Trader and manager who wrote many articles on mathematics, finance, and programming. El Rhazi has extensive research in Electricity Price Modelling using Levy Processes and Stochastic Volatility. He is the author of the thesis “Modélisation & Calibration des prix spot éle...

I am interested in Tennis,Films,Reading. My favorite music are Hindi,Asian,Rock,Rai. Movies: Red 2,Fast and Furious,Simpsons,Avatar. TV: 24,Continuum,Peroson of Interest. Books: One day we all die. My Heroes are Batman,Simpsons,James Bond.

I use Diigo because It benefits to connect and share data. Surely, every year, he gathers the best strategy results that worked best and make a paper about it. He uses it to help starters to trim some time on their introduction. Otmane El Rhazi has endless developments that are being recognised by several trader.

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