I am the Omnipotent Poobah, Grand Maven of all that is media.

I speak the truth because I’m all-knowing and all-powerful! That Oz guy? Pure bush league.

I believe everyone has a right to be heard and others have a right to smite them if they should so choose, but not before I get my licks in...

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  • Atheist Thoughts

    106 members, 172 items

    Thoughts on atheism, science and questioning the Bible.

  • California politics

    17 members, 117 items

    Campaignsthatmatter.com is an online community comprised of those interested in bipartisan California politics and political news. Topics range from California public policy information, proposition campaigns, and the latest in legislative news. Get involved in the issues you are passionate about by Submitting links, Adding Comments, and Voting on whether a headline 'Matters' or 'Doesn't Matter'.

  • Civil Rights

    81 members, 32 items

  • Funny Stuff

    93 members, 222 items

    A group to fill with all the funny things we come across on the interwebs

  • Odd News

    47 members, 134 items

    Share the strange news articles, web links, photos and videos found on the web,

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