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  • 21st Century Literacy Class

    254 members, 60 items

    21st Century Literacy Class Edina Valley View Middle School students

  • Critical Thinking

    88 members, 179 items

    Gathering resources to help promote the idea of critical thinking, crap detection, information authority, and getting to the bottom of the truth of ideas and stories. These resources will be shared at the 2010 ISTE conference in the session on Critical Thinking led by Howard Rheingold.

  • Diigo In Education

    53505 members, 26800 items

    “Diigo In Education” - Phase I just released. More to come.. Share your classroom usecase, ideas, reviews, features, and wishlists for making Diigo a great resource and platform in teaching and learning. Let's explore the full potential of Diigo as an educational tool.

  • Discovery Educator Network

    3335 members, 8753 items

    This group is a place for educators to share resources that support creativity, thinking, teaching and learning.

  • E-Learning for Educators

    1297 members, 5408 items

    Resources and Annotations from UW-Stout's E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program. <br /><br />Contributors are mainly from the E-Learning for Educators Course & the E-Learning Practicum Course.

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