I like sports. I would like to take up parkour.
I'm interested in media (duh), marketing, photography, film and technology.
I also debate and like to read.

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  • Facebook | Questions for Current Students on Jun 26, 10
  • Yahoo’s latest marketing ammunition: David Beckham on Jun 08, 10
    • exclusive content for its coverage of the upcoming World Cup
    • showcasing specific Yahoo products and services, throughout the duration of the World Cup in select markets.
    • David Beckham channel within Yahoo! Sport’s coverage of the World Cup,

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  • Competition Comes to a Head for World Cup Sponsors on Jun 07, 10
  • Disadvantages Of Trading Blocs – Finance – Disadvantages Of Trading Blocs on May 29, 10
    • Perhaps the main disadvantage of a trading bloc is that it can actually harm economic welfare.
    • Regional businesses that rely on exporting to other countries to secure their profits may also be disadvantaged if their own local government has not secured a free trade agreement with the governments of other countries.
  • TRADING BLOCS on May 29, 10
    • promotes and facilitates trade within that group of countries in preference to trade with outside nations by discriminating against nonmembers;
    • trading blocs may assist in attracting foreign direct investment
    • , by increasing market size and making markets more competitive, trading blocs favor the lower marginal costs of locally producing products rather than importing them, and therefore often lead to an increase in foreign direct investmen

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  • Li Po Chun United World College » Life in LPC on May 20, 10
  • reported speech - Google Search on May 17, 10
  • Twackle on May 12, 10
  • Venuing on May 12, 10
  • How Technology is Affecting Sports | Sports Network | Sports Marketing | Sports and Social Media on May 12, 10
    • they can now make money directly from doing it
    • Chad OchoCinco Experience are earning athletes money from both point of sale and ad revenue
    •  fanwave.com allow athletes, coaches, and teams alike to capitalize on every tweet they send.

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