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  • The echoing silence of caste - The Hindu: Mobile Edition about 11 hours ago
  • How Kejriwal missed a chance to stage a comeback NTR style - | Firstpost about 11 hours ago
  • India needs a thinker, not a despot on its peacock throne - Hindustan Times about 12 hours ago
    • The ballot box can receive the faith of innocence and emit a genie.
  • Indian iron-ore miners under investigation for tax evasion, money laundering on 2014-04-20
    • Following close on the heels of being indicted for illegal mining, several Indian iron-ore miners are being investigated for duty evasion on export shipments and money laundering.


        According to senior government officials, the Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), an investigation wing under the federal Finance Ministry, has started investigating mining companies across the provinces of Goa, Karnataka and Odisha.

    • The investigation was aimed at unearthing tax evasion by iron-ore miners which undervalue the export price of iron-ore.
    • The DRI was also investigating charges that the difference between the lower declared price and the actual price received from buyers had been parked overseas, which amounts to money laundering
  • Hear That Hollow In The Drumbeat? - Outlookindia.com on 2014-04-20
    • Along with the hype, there is also a bit of naivety in the public enthusiasm for him. It is not clear that if he takes over the leadership in Delhi, he’ll be able to ram through his economic programmes in the face of the formidable structural (political, bureaucratic, institutional) problems that face any reform-minded government in India. The country as a whole is far too complex and poor compared to Gujarat, which has been business-friendly and advanced in both governance and physical infrastructure (like roads, ports, etc.) over many decades now. On top of this, Modi’s rather high-handed autocratic personal style (which is resented by many even within his own party) does not augur well for the intricate negotiations with diverse groups, state leaders and coalition partners he will necessarily have to work with at the all-India level. His polarising personality is not conducive to the tasks of compromise and consensus-building a leader inevitably faces in a highly fragmented polity like India’s.
    • Another common position popular among some Indian journalists is that Indian democracy will ultimately ‘tame’ Modi, the checks and balances in our system will smooth his rough edges over time. First of all, our democratic institutions are not all that strong. Our elections are vigorous, but other essential parts of a democracy, like some basic human rights and certain regular procedures of accountability are fragile, even after all these years. One should not welcome further pressures on these institutions and procedures just for trying out a firebrand leader; in any case the hankering for a strong leader that our middle classes display, while it may be understandable after a decade of ineffective, inarticulate and jaded Congress leadership, is not exactly healthy. Middle classes in south Europe and South America have often gone through such phases of hankering, with disastrous consequences.
    • Of course, Modi has cultivated an image of a fighter against corruption, and this is welco­med by people tired of one scam after another during the Cong­ress regime (revealed ironically with the help of one of that regime’s landmark legislations, the Right to Information Act). But at the same time nothing has stopped him from trying to reabsorb into the party some of the leaders in Karnataka associated with the egregious cases of corruption in real estate and mining.
  • India: Censorship by the Batra Brigade by Wendy Doniger | The New York Review of Books on 2014-04-18
    • aspects of Hinduism that the Victorian Protestant British, when they ruled India, scorned as filthy paganism: polytheism, erotic sculptures, spirited mockery of the gods, and rich, earthy mythology. In the wake of the British, in their shadow, many Hindus who worked with the British—I am tempted to call them sepoys—came to share these sentiments. They also took on the British preference for the Sanskrit texts created and perpetuated by a small, upper-caste male elite
    • it is no accident that Batra was among those who attacked A.K. Ramanujan’s famous essay “Three Hundred Ramayanas” in 2009. Nothing could bring into clearer focus the threat to freedom of speech in contemporary India than the fact that a serious political attempt was made to remove this classic essay from the BA syllabus of the History Department at the University of Delhi and from the in-print list of Oxford University Press India;
    • This argument has nothing to do with religious civility; it is about the clash between pious and academic ways of talking about religion and about who gets to speak for or interpret religious traditions.

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  • Guest Article: Carl Noronha: Political advertising in India on 2014-04-18
    • Reuters reports that "Indian politicians are expected to spend around US $5 billion (Rs 30,000 crore) on campaigning for elections next month (April 2014) - a sum second only to the most expensive US Presidential campaign of all time - in a splurge that could give India's floundering economy a temporary boost. India's campaign spend, which can include cash stuffed in envelopes as well as multi-million-dollar ad campaigns, has been estimated at INR 300 billion (US $4.9 billion) by the Centre for Media Studies, which tracks spending. That is triple the expenditure the Centre said was spent on electioneering in the last national poll in 2009."
  • How My Conscience Was Abducted in Dantewada | OPEN Magazine on 2014-04-17
    • Dantewada (a district in Chhattisgarh where the media and government celebrate their own attempts at storytelling).
    • This festival did not have loud-voiced liberals defending freedom of speech, or international celebrities speaking of exotic life-altering journeys to India. That is for the urban chic. What it did have were the smells of freshly whitewashed walls and 600 children sweating it out in the Chhattisgarh summer sun, and the stench of corporate propaganda.
    • unwittingly prostituting myself to earn them a noble face

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  • Increase in censorship in India on 2014-04-16
  • Fake BJP fans on Facebook, and how to spot them | thefreemanmax on 2014-04-15
    • It’s clear that BJP is paying click farms in Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries to get fraudulent likes.

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