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  • Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech Touting ‘American Exceptionalism’ | TIME on Sep 12, 16
    • You put your life on the line to protect the greatest country on Earth.
    • There are some who may argue with that, but not around me.
    • If there’s one core belief that has guided and inspired me every step of the way, it is this. The United States is an exceptional nation. I believe we are still Lincoln’s last, best hope of Earth. We’re still Reagan’s shining city on a hill. We’re still Robert Kennedy’s great, unselfish, compassionate country.

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  • The changing map of India from 1 AD to the 20th century on Sep 12, 16
  • Stalin’s Ghost Won’t Save Us from the Spectre of Fascism: A Response to Prakash Karat | SabrangIndia on Sep 12, 16
    • Before fascism succeeds as a state it exists as a movement. And fascism only succeeds in seizing power because it first succeeds as a mass movement.
    • That the Gujarat cases had to be transferred out of the state of Gujarat by the Supreme Court, no less, speaks volumes for the court’s view of the shamelessly compromised state of the justice system in Gujarat under Modi’s government there. That the mass violence against Muslims in Gujarat became pivotal to the consolidation of Modi’s support-base in the state and then rapidly in other parts of India, leading to his emergence as prime minister; that Modi financed his campaign for power with the explicit backing of big business groups who were looking for a ‘decisive’ leader; that nationalism is now being used to whip up hysteria among the middle classes to try and justify the repeated use of charges like ‘sedition’ and justify attacks on freedom of speech, thought and politics; that the Right-wing in India has repositioned itself in the more totalising and utterly sinister discourse of ‘nation’ and ‘nationalism’ to create the absurd sense of an Indian Volksgemeinschaft and construct definitions of the other as ‘anti-national’, a sort of fifth column of the nation’s enemies… if none of this reminds us of the way fascism emerges and builds itself up historically, then we have no memory, and certainly not a historical one.       
  • Fall 2016-ENGL202A: Week Two on Sep 08, 16
    • Marlow was a devout follower of Kurtz long before they actually met, and nothing was going to change that. I find this symbolic of how the modern colonists perceived the Africans during this time. Generalizations were made of the Africans based primarily on secondary sources, and once a stance was taken it would not change. Going a step further, I see more symbolism in the death of Kurtz and the sickness of Marlow. Kurtz, while perceived as brilliant and in a world of his own practicing genius, proved to be mad and inevitably perished. Marlow as a follower almost received the same fate when he became ill. His survival, however, gives him a chance to share the reality of his experience firsthand. Perhaps this represents the fates of the modern colonists and their ideology concerning Africa. An idea rooted in loose information and speculation, no matter how “righteous,” is destined to die, and only the truth has a chance of survival.  
  • Fall 2016-CORE152Q: Week Two on Sep 08, 16
    • While it is true that humans do possess the collaboration abilities and want for connection, it is also an innate human quality to fight for oneself, as well as to fall into a social hierarchy. This is not to say that capitalism is the natural social hierarchy, but it is unnatural to say that all humans can treat each other equally. The way that some humans tend to take charge, while others are more comfortable being told what needs to get done is a natural animalistic response. Communism, as far as Marx and Engels define it, seems to call for a society in which this natural behavior would not be possible.
    • Since the age of Marx the welfare of laborers has almost undoubtedly increased. Wages generally has risen and technology has indeed begun to reach the poorest in the world. However, while over-all quality of life(we can debate what this actually means) has increase the inequality in net wealth has been on the rise in recent times. Therefore we need to discuss the extent to which Marx’s claims accurately reflected the past -200 years, and whether or not they can have validity in the future.

    • The proletarians are both losing their individual worth and their literal worth simultaneously.

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  • Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think - Scientific American on Aug 26, 16
    • The top 20% of US households own more than 84% of the wealth, and the bottom 40% combine for a paltry 0.3%. The Walton family, for example, has more wealth than 42% of American families combined.
    • The median American estimated that the CEO-to-worker pay-ratio was 30-to-1, and that ideally, it’d be 7-to-1. The reality? 354-to-1. Fifty years ago, it was 20-to-1.
  • Viewpoint: How British let one million Indians die in famine - BBC NewsBBC News on Jun 12, 16
  • An act concerning Servants and Slaves (1705) on Mar 31, 16
    • And also be in enacted, by the authority aforesaid, and it is  hereby enacted, That all servants imported and brought into this country,  by sea or land, who were not christians in their native country, (except Turks and  Moors in amity with her majesty, and others that can make due proof of their being  free in England, or any other christian country, before they

      — page 448 —

      were shipped, in order to transportation hither)  shall be accounted and be slaves, and such be here bought and sold notwithstanding  a conversion to christianity afterward.
    • And be it enacted, by the authority aforesaid, and it is hereby  enacted, That if any person or persons shall hereafter import into this  colony, and here sell as a slave, any person or persons that shall have been a  freeman in any christian country, island, or plantation, such importer or seller  as aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay, to the party from whom the said freeman shall  recover his freedom, double the sum for which the said freeman was sold. To be  recovered, in any court of record within this colony, according to the course of  the common law, wherein the defendant shall not be admitted to plead in bar, any  act or statute for limitation of actions.


        Provided always, That a slave's being in England, shall not  be sufficient to discharge him of his slavery, without other proof of his being  manumitted there.

    • VII.

        And also be in enacted, by the authority aforesaid, and it is  hereby enacted, That all masters and owners of servants, shall find and  provide for their servants, wholesome and competent diet, clothing, and lodging,  by the discretion of the county court; and shall not, at any time, give immoderate  correction; neither shall, at any time, whip a christian white servant naked,  without an order from a justice of the peace: And if any, notwithstanding this  act, shall presume to whip a christian white servant naked, without such order,  the person so offending, shall forfeit and pay for the same, forty shillings  sterling to the party injured:

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  • 4. Sugar and beverages on Feb 17, 16
    • World coffee exports have grown annually by 1.8 percent over the last 3 decades reaching 5.4 million tonnes in 2000.
    • World tea production increased at an annual growth rate of 2.8 percent between 1970 and 2000 expanding from 1.27 million tonnes to 2.97 million tonnes.
  • CADTM - Despair and defiance on Feb 15, 16
    • India’s tea sector is driven in large part by Assam and West Bengal, which account for over 70 percent of the country’s tea production. There are at least one million tea workers employed on more than 1000 tea gardens in these two eastern states.
    • daily wage of INR 122 (USD 2) per day
    • the minimum wage set by the state government for agricultural labourers is INR 206

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