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  • Fake BJP fans on Facebook, and how to spot them | thefreemanmax about 19 hours ago
    • It’s clear that BJP is paying click farms in Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries to get fraudulent likes.
  • Round Table India - The Question of Free Speech on 2014-04-07
    • The people who promote this publication claim that it is a way to advertise Ambedkar to the higher castes. But then does this noble sounding claim have to be taken at its face value? I mean, what is the actual need for this advertisement? And does not this very advertisement, through the pen of an upper caste writer, really not translate into the message that upper castes are to be seen as the sole authority on the advertised subject matter?
  • Round Table India - Resisting a messiah on 2014-04-07
    • In none of my rants I suggested that it is about her essay actually. I do not care what she has written on Ambedkar or on anything else she wrote about in her essay.
    • My rants are about what she actually represents before us, not as a person, but as someone who gets two national magazines simultaneously to provide her ample space - to talk about her essay, about caste, about dalits, about Ambedkar - which is so cruelly denied to us, is shut for ever. Not even Ambedkar could ever breach it, till he got discovered by people like Ms Roy.
  • Muslims in post-1947 India | TNS - The News on Sunday on 2014-04-06
  • EPW history of naxalism on 2014-04-06
  • History of Naxalism on 2014-04-06
  • India’s Modinomics | Michael Roberts Blog on 2014-04-06
  • Round Table India - Sanskritization or Appropriation : Caste and Gender in “Indian” Music and Dance on 2014-04-07
    • many artists from the field of dance and music have rejected and embraced Sanskritization at different points in history
    • the caste, gender and religious bias in the world of Karnatik music
    • MS Subbulakshmi

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  • The Statesman: Decoding Gujarat~II on 2014-04-06
  • Modi: plumbing the low depths - Praful Bidwai on 2014-04-05

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