It is my passion to help others learn. I teach at university in undergraduate and graduate programs. I teach in several subject areas in the humanities, but my preferences are in philosophy and linguistics.

I am interested in philosophy,linguistics,First Nations,MOODLE,Web 2.0. My favorite music are Bruce Cockburn. Movies: Ishtar,Milagro Beanfield War,Benny and Joon,Medicine River,Smoke Signals,Expiration Date. TV: NCIS,Bones,Numb3rs,New Tricks,Heartbeat,Doc Martin,Good Neighbours (The Good Life). Books: Bible,Philosophy by Edmund Husserl,Fiction by JRR Tolkien,Dorothy Sayers,Madeleine L'Engle,Ursula LeGuin. My Heroes are Jesus,Gandhi,my wife.

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  • Quotation for all Occasions - Mira Balachandran - Google Books on Oct 06, 15
  • Does Faith Ever Fit? | Vitae on Oct 05, 15
  • Visual Literacy - Metalanguage & Learning — The Learner's Way on Oct 05, 15
  • Connected Educator Month: Schedule on Oct 03, 15
  • Faculty Focus on Sep 30, 15
  • Words fail us: university marketing-speak | Times Higher Education on Sep 30, 15
    • marketing can much too easily damage the perception of those very aspects of the university it purports to promote: critical thinking, independence, originality, innovation, rigour, prestige, and, if we really must, “brand”. The University of Bristol’s decision earlier this year to recruit an “associate dean of eureka moments” – I kid you not – is a particularly egregious example, but there’s a universe (or multiverse?) of toe-curlingly awful #CorporateUniBollox out there which harms, not enhances, university reputations.
    • Stop insulting the intelligence of students, at all levels, and transfer some of that marketing budget to rather more worthwhile aspects of the university experience. You know it’s #MeantToBe.
  • The World's largest lesson | The World's largest lesson | Organised by TES Global & Unicef on Sep 30, 15
  • Lilly Grads 2012 Expectations Survey.pdf on Sep 23, 15
  • Faculty Focus on Sep 23, 15
    • The idea here is not to find out what students expect and then provide  it because that’s what they want. Rather, it’s about  finding out if their expectations are correct and how well they align  with yours. You may need to elaborate on your expectations or possibly  modify course plans based on students’ expectations. It’s  all about communication, and an activity like this helps to get everyone  on the same page.
    • My colleague Lolita Paff shared the first assignment  she gave in two sections of microeconomics. “Typical homework  assignments ask students to ANSWER questions. This assignment is  different. I’d like you to ask questions. What are you curious  about? What problems or issues are important to you? What topics matter  to you? What questions do you wish you could answer?” She writes  that she was “blown away” by the questions students  shared. Her post includes a long list of questions that don’t  look to me like the kind of queries I’d be expecting from  beginning students in a required econ course. She concludes,  “It’s a little scary. I don’t have all the answers.
  • The Leap Manifesto – Canadian Dimension on Sep 21, 15

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