It is my passion to help others learn. I teach at university in undergraduate and graduate programs. I teach in several subject areas in the humanities, but my preferences are in philosophy and linguistics.

I am interested in philosophy,linguistics,First Nations,MOODLE,Web 2.0. My favorite music are Bruce Cockburn. Movies: Ishtar,Milagro Beanfield War,Benny and Joon,Medicine River,Smoke Signals,Expiration Date. TV: NCIS,Bones,Numb3rs,New Tricks,Heartbeat,Doc Martin,Good Neighbours (The Good Life). Books: Bible,Philosophy by Edmund Husserl,Fiction by JRR Tolkien,Dorothy Sayers,Madeleine L'Engle,Ursula LeGuin. My Heros are Jesus,Gandhi,my wife.

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  • I Will Not Be Lectured To. I’m Too Busy Teaching. | The Tattooed Professor about 7 hours ago
  • GLC_DRAFT_White_Paper_April_2015.pdf about 7 hours ago
  • Data That Will Vex Online Education Critics | EdSurge News on May 21, 15
  • on May 21, 15
  • on May 21, 15
  • Students Who Attend Class Outperform Those Online, Study Says on May 21, 15
    • In the report, the authors note that greater self-motivation may be needed for online courses because they remove the structure of face-to-face meetings. The authors also, then, looked at students who take online courses outside of other structures -- like the calendar year -- to see whether they struggle more.
  • The key to making the shift to active learning (and why technology is not enough) on May 21, 15
  • Watch and Learn: Observing the PBL Classroom | Edutopia on May 20, 15
    • I wasn't trying to be contrary by choosing to have a typical workday observed. As an almost exclusively PBL educator, I truly wanted a sense of how I was doing with my day-to-day teaching, and was trying to figure out my weaknesses and strengths in terms that apply to the PBL classrooms. Those strengths and weaknesses are along the lines of teacher-student interaction, facilitating and assisting students in need, setting up, and closing a class period.
    • the following guidelines will hopefully be helpful for teachers being observed, as well as for teachers who are observing colleagues.
    • the observer should go in with a general sense of the project being observed in terms of the learning outcomes, a timeline, how the project has been scaffolded until that point, and what stage they are in on the day of the observation.

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  • critical thinking webinars open education - Google Search on May 20, 15

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