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Conception et distribution de solutions d'espaces de travail - Bureaux de jardin / Villages Entrepreneurs / Télécentres.

Design and distribution of workspaces solutions - Office Garden / Villages Entrepreneurs / Telecentres.

I am interested in teleworking / NTIC / internet / country planning / human resources.

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  • Human Resources on Jul 05, 11
      • Why You Want to Consider Teleworking - Now

        Tuesday June 28, 2011


        Teleworking matters and it increasingly affects workplaces nation-wide. I'm interested in learning all I can about teleworking and you might want to pursue the topic, too, for your workplace. We need to move past teleworking as a perk and consider it as a viable option for everyday working. Here's why.

        • The war for talent is escalating. Despite the real unemployed numbers of US want-to-be workers probably near 20%, potential employees who have the skill set that employers need are becoming increasingly rare. Too many degrees in psychology and philosophy - while revered subjects - do not create the workforce skills necessary for skills needed now, particularly in computer science and health care fields. Maybe the developer you want and need lives three states away - hardly a commutable distance.

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        • A significant number of employers - and especially employers of choice - are offering teleworking options to attract and retain talented employees. I know, you're thinking, the old, everyone does it, argument. Not quite. Teleworking has become a legitimate option for employees and flexible schedules are one of the most frequently sought benefits by millennial employees. Get on the teleworking bus or lose your best employees to an employer who will.

        • Since many jobs are scarce, employees are seeking to preserve family unity by moving with a spouse or partner to an available job. These employees frequently ask if they can telework to stay with their much liked current employer, yet move with their spouse to a new location.
        • Employers and employees benefit when telecommuting is an option. The teleworking employee has already been immersed in your corporate culture, and the cultural fit may survive teleworking to create a continuingly contributing employee. Your experience may vary, but mine has yielded a few outstanding employees - for years - and, admittedly, a couple of real bummers, too.

        • Teleworking has significant financial and social advantages. From lessening the traffic, time, and stress spent in commuting, and thus increasing productive work hours, to decreasing employer costs for work stations onsite, teleworking is a significant cost reduction factor.

           Reducing the carbon footprint is another side benefit of teleworking. Employees who stay home to work reduce costs and expenditures associated with commuting.

          The multitude ways are highlighted in a recent teleworking trends report from Kate Lister whose organization The Telework Research Network "specializes in modeling the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of telework and workplace flexibility for companies and communities."

        My newest article summarizes the key issues about who wants to telework and why teleworking is spreading less quickly than one might anticipate. I delve deeply into Lister's trends report to highlight key factors affecting teleworking adoption.


        Image Copyright John Howard / Getty Images

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  • Employers ditch 9-5 in favour of 'remote working' - Telegraph on Jul 04, 11

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