I am a Head of Languages in a large 11-16 multicultural comprehensive school in the North West of England. I currently teach French and Spanish but I have also taught German and EFL (EAL) in the past.
I am also a qualified translator/ interpreter (ESUCA, Toulouse)

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  • Apprendre 2.0

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    Groupe pour les membres du réseau francophone d'échange de savoirs et de pratiques autour de "Apprendre 2.0" pour partager nos liens

  • Authentic Learning

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    'Authentic Learning - Policy and Guidelines Development' is really the full title & emphasis. Resources & thoughts, new understandings of learning, knowledge & connection relevant to students. Help develop guidelines and policies so our kids can learn to swim by getting wet. ** IE This group is about keeping learners safe online - cybersafety. What do we need to do in order to allow authentic learning safe and savvy? **

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    Profesores interesados en las aplicaciones educativas de los blogs

  • Building Educational Support Objects in SL

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    This free Diigo social bookmarking group is a mashup to the Ning social group "EVOVWLL - Building Educational Support Objects in SL", whose objective is to provide a meeting place focused on building and creating support objects for educational settings and contingencies within Second Life.

  • Cell Phones in Education

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    This group will explore the use of cell phones in the classroom.

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