Professional in Business Administrations,Project Organizations,Mental & Social Coaching-Workshops.

I am interested in Reading,Learning,Blogs,Essays,Infographics,Photography,Videography,Documentaries,Journalism,Economics,Metropolitan Life,Social Contacts,Friendships,Internet,Social Media,Satellite Television,Networking,Teamworking,Virtual Network Organization,Web Presence Organization,Content Management,Process Management,Controlling,Communication,Collaboration,Coaching,Training,Mediation,Counselling.
Chinese & Japanese Martial Arts,Hatha Yoga.. My favorite music are Song Music,Evergreens,Soundtracks..

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  • Active Learning with Web 2.0 Tools

    26 members, 80 items

    This is a Special Interest Group focused on finding, sharing, annotating, and using relevant literature on active learning and how it can be implemented with Web 2.0 Technologies

  • Authentic Learning

    203 members, 354 items

    'Authentic Learning - Policy and Guidelines Development' is really the full title & emphasis. Resources & thoughts, new understandings of learning, knowledge & connection relevant to students. Help develop guidelines and policies so our kids can learn to swim by getting wet. ** IE This group is about keeping learners safe online - cybersafety. What do we need to do in order to allow authentic learning safe and savvy? **

  • Blogger Bloggers

    76 members, 186 items

    This group is for people who use Google Blogger to host their blog. My goal is to fill this group with hacks and information on getting the most out of your Blogger blog. Members can also use the group to promote their favorite blogs with the understanding that blogs deemed to be geared towards adse

  • Blogging and Social-Media

    979 members, 3416 items

    Everyone who's interested in blogging, web 2.0 and social media is cordially invited to join this group and participate in it! We'll discuss blogging, web 2.0 and social media as well as related topics.

  • Brain Hacking

    1568 members, 1491 items

    Web sites and articles related to how the brain works, and things that can be done to alter the way it works.

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