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  • Real Estate Investing vs. 401(k) on Jul 28, 15
  • Wealthfront: Silicon Valley Tech at Wall Street Prices — Medium on Jul 27, 15
  • 8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss on Jul 24, 15
  • A ridiculously deep, 2740-word teardown of Slack's homepage on Jul 09, 15
      • What, exactly, is product marketing?


        Product marketing encompasses a lot of important components, including:

        • Crafting positioning and messaging.
        • Analyzing the competitive landscape.
        • Building a go-to-market strategy.
        • Creating content to help the sales team close deals.
        • Educating the company on all of the above.
  • The most important piece of advice for folks starting their careers | on Jul 06, 15
    • There are two types of people in this world: killers and the killed.


      You can move yourself from the killed bucket to the killers bucket by ‘doing the work,’ but in my experience only 10% of the people in the world ever make it from deer to tiger.

    • Hustle early and often is the best life strategy.
    • 6/Never get involved in politics & never be negative.

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  • The Benefits Of Starting An IRA For Your Child on Jun 29, 15
      • Ideally, your child will receive a W-2 for work performed; otherwise, it is a good idea to keep excellent records from jobs that don’t provide a W-2: babysitting, yard work, mothers’ helpers, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc. Your records should include:

        • Type of work
        • When the work was done
        • For whom the work was done
        • How much your child was paid
    • For example, if your daughter earns $3,000 at a summer job, you can let her spend her money as she wishes and you make the $3,000 IRA contribution with your own money. You might also offer to contribute a percentage of what your child earns, such as 50% (your child earns $3,000 and you contribute $1,500). Whatever approach you decide to take, the IRS doesn’t care who makes the contribution as long as it does not exceed your child’s earned income for the year.
  • Loyalists vs Mercenaries - AVC on Jun 29, 15
    • So what can you do to build a company full of loyalists instead of a company full of mercenaries? First you must lead. If you think you are a good leader, get better. If you think you are a great leader, you can get better. Get coaching and focus on becoming the best leader you can be.


      Second, build a mission driven company. Make sure you are doing something that matters. If all you are doing is trying to make money for yourself, then all your employees will try to do is make money for themselves.


      Third, invest in values and culture. Matt’s post is a good starting place for some tips on how to do that.  Build a welcoming home and put comfortable furniture in it. I mean that metaphorically of course. But the office does matter too.


      Finally, think about being somewhere other than the Bay Area or NYC. Yes, they are great places to start companies, find talent, and get investment. But they are also places where others start companies, get investment, and find your talent. It’s a ratrace, a treadmill, and it’s grueling. If you can avoid it, you owe it to yourself to try.

  • From Social Networks To Market Networks | TechCrunch on Jun 29, 15
    • A market network often starts by enhancing a network of professionals that exists offline. Many of them have been transacting with each other for years using fax, checks, overnight packages and phone calls.


      By moving these connections and transactions into software, a market network makes it significantly easier for professionals to operate their businesses and clients to get better service.

    • People matter. With complex services, each client is unique, and the professional they get matters. Would you hand over your wedding to just anyone? Or your home remodel? The people on both sides of those equations are not interchangeable like they are with Lyft or Uber. Each person brings unique opinions, expertise and relationships to the transaction.
    • A market network is designed to acknowledge that as a core tenet — and provide a solution

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  • The Five Uncommon Habits Of Highly Productive People | Trello Blog on Jun 27, 15
  • Three hundred programming interviews in thirty days on Jul 01, 15

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