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  • What are the most creative ways that a startup addressing a two-sided marketplace has enticed people to try its product/service? - Quora about 10 hours ago
    • I'm the cofounder of Lawtrades, Legal reimagined for startups, we're a platform that makes it easy for businesses to find and hire amazing independent business attorneys. Here are some of the things that we did to bring on our business customers.

      Here are some of the things we did initially to bring in our business customers. These channels got us to our 20-30k in GMV.

      - Wrote A LOT of content

      - Created a huge meetup group & hosted events weekly

      - Conveyed price difference for businesses using us vs. a huge law firm.

      - Created relationships

      - Made every customer feel like a champion.

      These are all manual ways of grabbing customers but this helped us get started in the early days. Most of our competitors were flushing money down the toilet on things like adwords and PR. The lawyer side of the marketplace was easier for us to figure out because they get liquidity.

  • 15 Must-have Chrome extensions for web designers and front end developer about 11 hours ago
  • Questions and Answers About the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card on Sep 26, 16
    • Q: How many bonus points will I earn on purchases?


      A: With Chase Sapphire Reserve, you’ll earn a whopping 3 points per dollar spent on all travel and dining — that’s a 50% jump over Chase Sapphire Preferred! TPG values Ultimate Rewards points at 2.1 cents each, so you can think of that as getting a 6.3% return on flights, hotels, rental cars, fancy restaurant meals, Starbucks purchases, drinks with friends at a bar… the list goes on and on.

    • Q: Does the Priority Pass Select membership include guests?


      A: Yes, Chase has confirmed that guests are included.

    • Q: Can I transfer points from my other Ultimate Rewards cards to Reserve?


      A: Yes, you can move points instantly from one account to another. You can also transfer points to (or from) a spouse or domestic partner.

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  • jondot/awesome-react-native: An "awesome" type curated list of React Native components, news, tools, and learning material on Sep 26, 16
  • The killer feature of messaging no one’s talking about - Inside Intercom on Sep 26, 16
    • Chat’s threaded UI, where all communication and actions are placed in a clear context of who, what and why, is the killer feature that’s been around forever and yet everyone is overlooking.
    • new threaded experiences will be enabled, supplanting single-purpose apps, sites, and services—even on the desktop. It’s the threaded organisation of interactions into useful contexts centered around people, businesses and task threads that could change the world.
  • Weekly Structure - Foundation One - GymnasticBodies on Sep 24, 16
    • As long as you are completing each workout once per week, you are all good.
  • Bringing it Together (Jon's Foundation 2.0) - Foundation One - GymnasticBodies on Sep 24, 16
    • That informed my approach. 


        - 3x F7 for one cycle, to speed testing up to appropriate training levels. Having established almost all of these now and still training 3x a week MWF mornings with work, I am now training a 3-day split MWF with stretch series afterwards, HS Tues/Thurs and Movement Sat 


        - 110% strict on form, tempo, etc. Was pretty happy with how this had gone previously, but having coached and worked with a lot of people since beginning this, I know far better how to dial in on the details. Part of this is racing the clock and getting amongst my workout as if I'm being chased :D


        - Doubled down on mobility. I perform a whole-body ROM limber in every session, 5-10r of all HBP ims, etc. I also run J-curls for 10 reps before each session, easy at 40-60kg, just feels like a stretch. Takes about 10 minutes if you are motivated. 


        - Warming up with 50r scap shrugs sPL progressions each session; this alone has done pretty cool things . As mentioned I also require a 1x 200% mastery set before I consider an element put away. Exercises I find difficult stay in my warmup for that progression, and working higher reps in warmup is great. 


        - Getting more done at work and taking less home, allowing me more sleep. Not going to lie, this has certainly accelerated the process. 


        - Completely eliminated shoulder impingement symptoms with hinge rows.

  • Google is working on a Chrome reading mode, try it out on Sep 23, 16
  • Peter Diamandis’s 9 Rules For Building A Successful Business | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss on Sep 23, 16
    • An entrepreneur clearly envisions the future and becomes so enamored with it that they turn their thoughts into reality and will the future they desire into existence.
    • One thing is clear from my XPRIZE story: attitude is the ball game. Mindset matters. It’s everything. It might be cliché, but whether you think you can or you can’t—well, you’re right.
    • Rule #6: An expert opinion is not the final word. 

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  • founders network on Twitter: "@DavidPlonsky thanks for bringing Founders Network to @WeWork, Chelsea! Our NYC tech #founders are awesome: @GollyJer @waldsteinj" on Sep 23, 16

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