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  • (*net) *net

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    toward new ways to work, exchange value, alternative economic systems, *net will allow all economic agents to participate in frictionless, value adding, mediated mutual amplification

  • (*net) Accreditation

    5 members, 3 items

    New methods of accreditation - because university degrees are so old school.

  • (*net) Attention

    5 members, 8 items

    Attention, what it is, how to measure it, how to value it

  • (*net) Authority

    6 members, 2 items

    Defining, measuring, and valuing Authority - or is Authority really a dimension of reward? is it an intermediate value form? How is it related to Trust and Reputation, Accreditation, Decision making? - I like Clay Shirkey's point that if you rely on an authoritative source to make a decision, and that source turns out to be wrong

  • (*net) Contribution

    5 members, 2 items

    Attention breeds Participation which may be Contribution, an examination of what Contribution 'is'

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